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Corey Feldman is Slash for Nick's TMNT

Written by Zechs on Sunday, July 14 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Corey Feldman is Slash for Nick's TMNT

The role Corey Feldman will be playing on Nick's TMNT has been revealed, and it isn't Casey Jones.

A few weeks ago, Nick revealed who'd be voicing the role of  Casey Jones, when the character would be debuting in Season Two. Many thought it was Corey Feldman, who was confirmed awhile ago to have a major recurring role during that season. Well, we learned it was who will be voicing Casey, Josh Peck. So what of the Feldman aka the original voice of Dontello in the live-action TMNT (1990) movie?



Who? A character made famous in the Archie line of TMNT Adventures comics and who appeared in an episode in the original 1980s cartoon. As for how the character will be in the new series by Nickelodeon, here's an article clipping revealing the Feldman's role and your first look at this version of Slash:




Will he truly be the fifth turtle? Doubtful, given Slash has always been an antagonist to the four. How long will he last as Raph's bestest buddy? Well, I guess it'll be a wait and see game.

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