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SDCC: IDW to Further Degrade My Little Pony with Sexualized Equestria Girls Prequel

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, July 17 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: IDW to Further Degrade My Little Pony with Sexualized Equestria Girls Prequel

The publisher will help bridge the gap between innocent, gender-neutral ponies and unnecessarily sexualized teenage humanoids!

Source: Press Release

A few months ago, The Outhouse spoke out against the ruination of the popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon, which is well regarded for its use of gender neutrality and quality storyelling to create a wholesome and entertaining kids television program that appeals to people of all genders and ages, by making a movie called Equestria Girls which turns the ponies into mini-skirt wearing teenage sex fiends who only care about dating and boys. Or something like that. We haven't seen it, but the character designs alone are pretty damning. You can read resident Outhouse brony Linwood Knight's full review of the movie here though.

Well, for those bronies and pegasisters out there who might have found the transition to Bratz style sexist nonsense jarring, IDW is planning to publish a prequel to Equestria Girls, which will presumably bridge the gap between it and Friendship is Magic and thus help to seduce innocent child viewers away from the wholesome message of the original and toward the Werthamesque nightmare of the new version.

To make matters worse, IDW is also planning on putting out a hardcover collection of the first four issues of the regular My Little Pony comic with a J. Scott Campbell variant cover. Campbell is famous for drawing ridiculously sexualized versions of female characters for companies like Zenescope. We look forward to seeing Twilight Sparkle's horse labia bulge out of skintight daisy dukes while she strikes an anatomically impossibly pose on Campbell's cover.

Well, bronies, it was nice while it lasted.

Here's the IDW press release:

The Official Prequel To The Full-Length Feature Film Can Only Be Found Here! 


San Diego, CA (July, 17 2013) – To the delight of fans, Hasbro has announced that it will release a MY LITTLE PONY 2013 special edition pony, inspired by the popular DJ PON-3 character at San Diego Comic-Con. Adding to the DJ Pon-3 celebrity status at this year’s convention, IDW’s SDCC special edition My Little Pony #9 variant will feature a glitter cover with the fan-favorite pony.

"IDW's special SDCC edition of My Little Pony #9 is a must have for any MY LITTLE PONY fan. The cover is a great companion piece to Hasbro's special edition pony inspired by the DJ PON3 toy, and the additional content provides an exciting glimpse into the origins of Twilight Sparkle's adventures in Equestria Girls. Where else can you get so much awesome in one comic?" says Michael Kelly, Director of Global Publishing at Hasbro.

While Hasbro lights up the convention, IDW has a few special surprises for all fans of the smash-hit My Little Pony comic book series. The special edition glitter variant will feature an additional 8 pages of neverbefore seen material to give fans the official prequel to the film, My Little Pony Equestria Girls. Featuring some familiar faces like you’ve never seen them before, This special edition variant contains the entirety of My Little Pony #9 from IDW as well the all-new 8-page story by the same extraordinary creative team of Katie Cook and Andy Price. This backup story focuses on a new character from My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Sunset Shimmer, who is transported through a magical mirror in Princess Celestia’s castle. 

If that weren’t enough, IDW will also be selling a hardcover collection of the first four issues of the My Little Pony series with a J. Scott Campbell variant cover at $25. 

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