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Written by Zechs on Thursday, July 18 2013 and posted in News with Benefits


Toy company, NECA shows off the future nerd delights at the SDCC!

Well SDCC is here and you know what that means: NERD GOODIES! Toy company NECA never stops making sci-fi fans drool with anticpation of new goods and here's your one stop shop for all the various pics (including from Toy News International and Figures.Com) coming out their display at the convention. First up here's the second wave of Pacific Rim figures (Striker Eureka, Leatherback, and Gipsy Danger):



NECA noted that if the first two waves of this series sell well they will do further waves and have promised Chemo Alpha for Wave 3.  Up next is the Predator line which finishes the funky colored Predators from the fan-film: Batman: Dead End:



Along with these three Predators, we will be getting Dutch in Predator vision and another Predator (it's called the Battle Armored Predator) with some neat looking armor along with a really bad ass sword:



Thought long dead, the Gremlins line from NECA returns because someone at the company must have given the Mogwai water. The figures from these waves are inspired from Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1991):



Now onto the other great NECA series, Aliens which this year teases an Alien line along with showcasing some new figures like the Alien Spitter (from Aliens: Colonial Marines video game) and Sgt. Craig Windrix. The later figure is a tribute to the brother of one of the sculptors from NECA who is a HUGE Aliens fan and is in a losing battle with cancer.



As for new series teases, NECA has a poster at their display area that a certain Simian of this website might hunt down and collect.



The final figures displayed were ones from Team Fortress 2 (which has been shown every year, alas the figures never seem to show up on toy shelves), Diablo III, and some gadgets merchandise for Batman: Arkham Origins.



For any more NECA news or other toy news, stay tuned to the OH as we will update you and let you in on all the cool toys being revealed at the SDCC!

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