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SDCC: DC The New 52 Panel

Written by Zechs on Saturday, July 20 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: DC The New 52 Panel

Find out what's new in the New 52!

Source: CBR and Bleeding Cool

While there wasn't a Bob Harras or Dan Didio sighting at the panel (though it's possible the former was lurking in the shadows of the room ready to suck the soul out of any innocent fan that dared to cross his path), DC Head of Marketing Brian Cunningham moderated a New 52 panel and was joined by panelists Geoff Johns, Gail Simone, Jeff Lemire, James Tyrion IV, Tony Daniel, JH Williams III, Charles Soule, Robert Venditti, and Jimmy Palmiotti.  Here's the nuggets the panel discussed:

- Geoff Johns jokes around saying they had spoiled the ending to Trinity War with the next event Forever Evil.  Johns then goes on to say that he and Lemire wanted to focus on the mystery of the death of Dr. Light than a superhero brawl.

- Talk shifts to Aquaman for a tiny bit with no new knowledge learned. Lemire then says that that after October DC moves onto "the second era."  It was mentioned that all threats from the first two years of the New 52 will be wrapped up in coming months.

- Tony Daniels then begins to talk about Superman/Wonder Woman. Just talk on how he came on the book out of the blue, and Charles Soule has amazing ideas for the book. The first issue will have a three-page gatefold cover and one part of that will tease events to come in the book.

- A cover to #23 of Green Arrow is shown and Lemire talks about his "Season 2" of the book which has Arrow Clan versus the Outsiders along with Shado, Butcher, and Count Vertigo. It's all building up to the return to the island.

- Jimmy Palmiotti begins to talk about the new Harley Quinn ongoing revealed before SDCC. Jimmy Palmiotti talks on the approuch he and Amanda Conner will go with the book. That they'll show what makes Harley tick and everyone near her should be terrified of her.

Palmoitti then talks of the other two books he's on: All-Star Western and Batwing. For the former he's enjoying the timey wimey approuch and stay tuned for an appearance of the Mutants from The Dark Knight Returns. On the later book, he talks about the new Batwing, Luke Fox going on a globe-trotting journey.  

- No new Batgirl v. 4 news. The Movement on the other hand, writer Gail Simone talks of Rainmaker joining the cast and then teased a major player of the New 52 will guest star in the future.

- A cover to Nightwing comes up with Simone reacting: "DAT ASS!!!" Kyle Higgins, the writer for the series remarks that he wanted Dick's ass to be more shiny for the cover. The Prankster arc comes to a head in #24 and Dick's relationship with Barbara will highlight Annual. No information or anything teased of what will happen to Dick during Forever Evil.

- James Tyrion IV talks Red Hood & the Outlaws and Talon. Both books are undergoing HUGE moments. Talon #12 will have Batman show up due to the Court of the Owls antics in Gotham.

- Charles Soule and Robert Venditti talk about Red Lanterns and Green Lantern. Venditti goes on with Hal being burdened with new responsiblities and we see him struggling since he's a pilot, not a sergent. Soule talks about Guy Gardner back with the red ring and how at first he struggles controling the anger. After he does he decides to build a house on Ysmaul since it's a barren wasteland.

- Soule goes on to talk about Swamp Thing and the character of the Seeder currently in the book. Expect the heel turn for the character to occur in Swamp Thing Annual and #24  in October. He then switches to his other DC book, Superman/Wonder Woman likening their relationship to Han Solo/Leia Organa. #6 will be a BIG moment for the book.

- Ray Fawkes then talks of Constantine and Pandora aka the "two wild cards" of Trinity War.  Pandora is looking to fix all the mistakes of the world. On the other hand Constantine will do something VERY BAD to Shazam in an attempt to steal his power. 

There was no Q&A at the panel due lack of time.  Make of that what you will.  


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