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Grant Morrison Wants to Destroy Batman

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, July 23 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Grant Morrison Wants to Destroy Batman

In an interview with Newsarama, the popular wizard says his Batman Inc. finale will destroy the entire concept of Batman.

Source: Newsarama

In an interview with Newsarama head honcho Lucas Siegel, acclaimed comic book writer and grown-up who believes in magick Grant Morrison had a peculiar answer to a question about his long Batman epic ending with Batman Inc. #13 later this month:

"I really think a lot of people will hate it, because it’s super bleak. It kind of – to a certain extent it destroys the concept of Batman," Morrison explains, later claiming that "you cannot bring Batman into the light, is basically what I’ve learned. So we wanted to acknowledge that in this last issue – it’s quite nightmarish in a way."

Morrison goes on to say that people will eventually come around and start to understand his work, but it will take some time, and they will certainly be upset at first. Come on now, Grant. Surely you're not suggesting that comic book fans' reactions will be anything other than calm and reasoned. You wound us, sir. I'm never buying a Grant Morrison comic again! Grant Morrison ruined comics! Grant Morrison is like the George Zimmerman of comic book writers! Justice for Batman! Justice for Batman!

Ahem... so yeah, as we were saying, we're sure comic book fans won't overreact to this. We're not known for that.

But is Morrison right? Will his comic destroy the entire concept of Batman?

Impossible, we say. A man who dresses up like a bat and fights bad guys, who is so smart and awesome that he can kick anyone's ass, even Superman, given enough "prep time?" That's rock solid right there. Morrison must be high if he thinks...

Oh, what's that? He's always high? Okay, that makes perfect sense then. The stoned out of his gourd Morrison also talks about Multiversity, the Son of Batman animated movie, and the time he ate a talking hot dog, man, and you can read about at least two of those things at the full interview.

Batman Inc. #13 hits stores on July 31.

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