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3DNado Continues: Retailers Receiving as Little as 5% of Villains Month Orders (UPDATED)

Written by ThanosCopter on Friday, August 09 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

3DNado Continues: Retailers Receiving as Little as 5% of Villains Month Orders (UPDATED)

Retailers are getting hit hard by the allocations.

Here's some tweets from various stores across the US reacting to their allocated orders (which conveniently were sent out at 6 PM on Friday. 






One store I spoke to is getting 78% of their total orders, with allocations ranging from 30%-100% on individual titles.  Another store I spoke to was only shorted on one title, but was also told they were receiving 2D covers in addition to their filled 3D orders.

Rich Johnston is reporting at Bleeding Cool that some stores are only receiving 7% of their orders on individual titles, while one store is reporting that he received 99.55% of his order (although, the latter admitted on the BC forums that he ordered only 67% of his usual DC order for September).

So how exactly did DC decide how to allocate these comics? Here's Dan Didio himself, straight from his Facebook page (capitalization errors are his):

before getting upset you should wait to see how many copies your retailer gets and how he plans to sell them. the system we created for allocation was designed specifically to avoid speculators by having the stores receiving a percentage of their monthly average of the base title. it is the fairest way possible to make sure all accounts receive their fair share in pattern with how they ordered in the past.

Then again, he might not know if he's getting a copy either...



Needless to say, this is a clusterfuck.  We just don't know how big of one it'll end up being. We've got calls into several stores, but most have already closed for the evening.   

We'll keep updating this article over the weekend.  If you're a retailer, feel free to get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  It'll be interesting to see how things shake up through Monday.  

UPDATE: Here's some more retailer reactions via Facebook and Twitter:

Scott Moore - Owner of Galaxy Comics

I got 95%+ of my orders on FIVE titles (Ohhh... Bane! Ohh... Parasite!). Everything else was 65% OR LESS with 8 titles being 35% or less. I probably (haven't actually confirmed yet) have 5-6 titles I will not cover standard pulls, let alone the people added "all 3-D".

Dennis Barger - Owner of Wonder World Comics 

 i ordered 200 harley quinns on initial and i am getting 20!!!

And on the Twitter side...

Lest it be said that we're not covering the good side to this, there are plenty of stores reporting they're receiving 100% of their order or are only being hit with minor allocations.

It appears that the stores being hit the worst by this are those who presumed that the 3D gimmick covers and re-titling of all their books would actually increase sales and increased their orders to reflect this.  I know, it's shocking to believe that some retailers might actually want to profit off Villains Month, but now DC is making sure that doesn't happen. 

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