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Alexander Skarsgard True Blood Season 7 Spoilers Reveal All Fanpeople Cut From Same Cloth

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, August 21 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Alexander Skarsgard True Blood Season 7 Spoilers Reveal All Fanpeople Cut From Same Cloth

True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner speaks on the fate of Eric, provoking extreme nerd-rage from True Blood fans. SPOILERS!

Source: TVLine

In the season finale of HBO's True Blood on Sunday, fan-favorite character Eric Northman appeared to die in flames as the magical fairy blood that was allowing him to walk in the sunlight ran out of power, leaving the nude, sunbathing Viking vampire with no shelter on a snowy mountaintop in Scandinavia. While some feared this might mean the end of the line for Eric Northman, True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner rushed to the net in an interview with TV Line to let fans know that Alexander Skarsgard would be returning to True Blood next season as a regular character.

Far more interesting than that news, to me at least, was the shitstorm that soon erupted in the comments section of the interview, in which fans of True Blood proved themselves to be every bit as obsessed and insane as comic book fans.

First, the fans rushed to prove that they were too smart to be worried that Eric was dead.

I’m shocked. I was actually surprised anyone actually thought that because it was so obvious he wasn’t going to die.


Well yeah. No bloody goo, no death


Ah, the classic "can't be dead if you don't see the body." Amateurs. In comic books, we can see the body attached to a jetpack flying into a massive alien spaceship and exploding in a fiery blaze while yelling "not like this," and we still expect him back to life within six months. But still, it warms this reporter's heart to see the spirit of extreme fan cynicism carries over across all geek genres. But soon, the conversation turned to a discussion of how True Blood's writers and producers were ruining the show and refusing to give viewers what the really wanted.

Check out this wall of text from commenter nymerius:

Please tell Bucky that he is on the wrong track and needs to do some real research about fan expectationss. I help run a blog plus one of my own and I can tell you what fans want because they express it. They want consistency within the plots and a good well-driven story that makes sense when all is said and done. We never really get that from True Blood.

What we got in season 6 was a long drawn out plot(s) that went nowhere and had an unsatisfying ending(s). Example: Bill had the power to free the vamps at the camp in episode 4 and did not nothing but sit on his butt and wait for Sookie to hand over Ben so he could get his blood. Bill already had drank that allowed him to enter the camp during the day and he could have done what Eric ended up doing long before episode nine. Sookie did not have to make the deal she did.

Then Bill’s job was supposedly done and Liltith was gone. Also I though Ben was this uber strong vampire and they let him waste that away tied to a gravestone for most of the season. Email me Bucky or any member of this fandom that runs a blog (or even a person who does not run one) and we will tell you the truth about where this show goes wrong. First thing is continutity and believability and your writers suck at both but tthat is only the tip of the iceberg.

All it takes it research to know what fans want and it is definitely not what this show is selling. Eric possibly are not the only reasons people are done with this show and it seems impossible to me that the powers that be are not aware of what bothers fans. Seeing as they keep doing the same things that turn people off, the obviously just cannot comprehend it.

Example: “REACTIONS FROM FELLOW HBOWATCH WRITERS: Tamara: I could have eaten a box of Alphabits and crapped a better script than that.
Side note: I can’t believe all people can talk about is the size of a man’s penis when they should be talking about the crappy finale we just watched!


Wow, that's some Avengers Arena level complaining right there. Wait, nymerius runs a True Blood blog? Please be a Tumblr site! Please be a tumblr site! Please be a Tumblr site!

Dammit! Wordpress. Oh, but the blogroll on the right sidebar provides some interesting leads. We've got Eric and Sookie Lovers dot com. Ok, so we're "shipping" now. Good. Oh, there's a Facebook group called Eric Northman Lovers United (Tagline: Is it Gonna Hurt? Not the Way I Do It). Here's a site called True Blood Confidential which seems to be some sort of tabloid. I wonder if they have their own vampire Rich Johnston (I vant to suck your blood. Pip pip!).  Ah, here we go: fan fiction. And that leads us to... fan art:

We're getting off track though. Here's a couple of comments where the fans complain about continuity and accuse the writers of trying to reset characters back to their original concepts, erasing character development. 

You are absolutely right Nyms….I follow your blogs and have expressed my feelings on all of them…

My problem is that sometimes forgiveness is not an option with people who would never get off your backs. My problem with Mr Buckner’s logic is also that there is no reset button in real life…Real girls just don’t move from man to man based on eye candy factor alone and if they do, there are huge repercussions to those choices sooner or later…TB shows the choices and not the repercussions.

That approach does not give a closure to anything.


Hi Sakshichopra! I have read your posts at ESL and my own personal blog! Exactly, this show has to put things in a real life perspective on some things. There is no magical reset button in some or any of these issues and there is no going back and there are repercussions and consequences to actions taken and Bucky appears as if he is going to continue to ignore them, especially where Bill is concerned.


And then there's the general venom directed toward "Bucky," which is what they call Brian Buckner. In other words, he's True Blood's Dan Didio:

The question is when are they going to start respecting the fans and quit giving us the stupid crappy plots! They really should not be patting themselves on the back for job well done! You can email this fan too Bucky, she will give you an earful as well.


And finally, here's some criticism claiming the show is too rapey:

So we’re just going to totally forget that Eric and Sookie loved each other and act like it never happened. She’d rather stick to her abuser and Alzzzzzide, that guy who was prepared to take advantage of her when she was drunk. Nice display of misogyny with a healthy dose of rape culture BS there, TB. Nope, not coming back, and I wish Alex would do the same. He’s better than this.


Hey! Comics are totally misogynist too! I can't believe it!

Well, there you have it. True Blood fans are exactly like Comic Book fans in every single way. Also, Harry Potter fans, Joss Whedon fans, Bronies, Glee fans, Trekkies, and every other variant of fanboy and fangirl out there. We're all one big, insane, incredibly angry family.

Scary, isn't it? No? Well, I'll leave you with this then:

Thank God it was his real penis and not a prosthetic! I’ve been worried ever since I heard Spartacus used prosthetic penises for the guys.


I love you, True Blood fans.


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