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Skyrim Fan Film: Dragonborn Act 1

Written by Jeremy Shane on Monday, September 02 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Skyrim Fan Film: Dragonborn Act 1

For almost a year, youtuber Yong Yea has been hard at work on his Skyrim Machinima and the first part is out.

Source: YouTube

Youtuber Yong Yea started work a month or so after I started work on my Skyrim comic, so I know this has taken up much of his time the last year.  The project started as a two-part movie and has grown into three as the project moved forward.  If you're a video game fan, not even a Skyrim fan, part one is now out and definitely worth watching.  From doing screenshots to create my comic I can only imagine the amount of work going into creating and editing a movie version of the game. 





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