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Jim Lee Speaks on Harleygate, Teaches Fans About Context

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, September 08 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Jim Lee Speaks on Harleygate, Teaches Fans About Context

The DC Co-Publisher explains why everyone was overreacting to a contest asking artists to draw Harley Quinn naked and committing suicide.

Source: Twitter

DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee is a professional comic book artist (when he feels like it), so he understands something about comic books that all you readers complaining about the recent Harley Quinn Suicide Contest Controversy don't: that there is a greater context that should be taken into account when judging a single panel in a comic book. You see, the panel artists were asked to draw featuring Harley Quinn naked in a bathtub committing suicide to win a gig on the upcoming Harley Quinn series from DC wasn't about suicide or sexualizing female characters or sexualizing female characters committing suicide. Fans only overreacted because they didn't take this overall context into account. Thankfully, Lee is happy to explain it to you on Twitter:





Yeah! Hashtag duh!




Yes, especially when the script for that page about a sensitive and controversial subject is posted in a contest entry with absolutely no context given. You should have inferred that DC meant something else, people.



Which is why one might not chose that page, alone, for a public contest a week before World Suicide Prevention Day, particularly when that company has suffered from foot-in-mouth disease over similar stuff, like, a gazillion times in recent memory. But again... this is your failing as a reader, somehow.







No, Jim! Not a fridge! Have you learned nothing?!






Is that what happened to Dan Didio before started replying to fans on Twitter over Batwomangate?













And it's certainly not DC's fault if the readers chose to see the worst one. Why should DC's marketing department think about those kinds of things before publishing a contest. There's hologram covers to be made!





Which is what makes a controversial, easy to misinterpret panel the perfect thing to provide as a contest entry with no context whatsoever... NOT!



Please, go on.






Yes. Which is what makes the whole thing so tragic. If DC had made that clear in the first place, they might have avoided 90% of the backlash.






Um... Those are using suicide lightheartedly to make a point. Probably not the best examples.



Wouldn't it be nice if DC didn't put itself in a position where it needed to explain this?




Ah. Blame the Creator. One of my favorite DC games.



Unfortunately, comics, and DC in particular, don't have a very good track record in that regard.



As any of these names can attest to:

Nick Spencer, John Rozum,
J.T. Krul, George Perez,
Gail Simone, Ron Marz, Chris Roberson.

Rob Liefeld, Karen Berger,
SImone again, Robert Vendetti
Jim Zubkavich, Art Baltazar and Franco.

Keith GIffen, Todd Farmer,
Josh Fialkov, Andy Diggle,
Tony S. Daniel, Mike Johnson, Bruce Timm had to go.
Mico Suayan, James Robinson,
Kevin Maguire, J.H. Williams,
W. Haden Blackman, "hey, it's all their fault" said Didio!

We didn't start the fire!
It was always burning since the world's been turning...



For instance, you might interpret them as having bigger collars or seam lines everywhere. Sorry, couldn't resist that one. :)



*(In best Johnny Carson voice)* At DC, it is extremely challenging.



Unfurl the Mission Accomplished banner.



Thanks, Jim. That was... wait a minute, is Superman wearing blackface in that picture? Why, DC?! Why?!

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