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DC Shocker: Dan Didio Doesn't Know Difference Between Batwomen

Written by Zechs on Sunday, September 08 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Shocker: Dan Didio Doesn't Know Difference Between Batwomen

The DC Co-Publisher doesn't know the difference between Silver Age Batwoman Kathy Kane and Modern Batwoman Kate Kane.

Source: Dan Didio Talks Batwoman At Baltimore Comic Con

At the Baltimore Comic Con yesterday, Dan Didio spoke in length about Batwoman Kathy Kane and the controversy that's enveloped the character this week. This resulted in confusion from the audience due to the fact there is no controversy surrounding Kathy Kane. You see, Kathy Kane is the Silver Age Batwoman, created in 1956, who just recently appeared in the final issue of Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham's Batman Inc vol. 2. The current Batwoman, who was the subject of this week's scandal, is actually named Kate Kane.

Whoops! Didio mistakenly (and repeatedly, as you can see in this video posted by Bleeding Cool), referred to the wrong Batwoman and was never corrected. Heck, in all the craziness, we didn't even notice, even though we covered this issue all week (it was this reporter that first noticed the story).

This confusion is obviously why there are so few female Bat characters currently being produced by DC Comics. After all, when the co-publisher can't bother to get the actual name of a character that his company is currently publishing and claims to support 100% right, how is he supposed to keep track of on-the-shelf characters like Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown? Maybe that's the reason why fans keep bringing these names up at cons. Just to remind the forgetful Didio, and to make sure his ears aren't just hearing the name "Barbara Gordon." It would certainly explain why that character keeps appearing everywhere like a ginger Wolverine, leaving the other two beloved characters in limbo. There's only so many female Bat characters an aging executive can keep track of.

Didio's mistake further illustrates the narrow mindset of DC regarding "toxic" characters. The only characters DC seems to think about are Silver Age ones, which obviously fits with the forty-five year old fanbase DC claims to publish comics for.

Giving Dan the benefit of the doubt, this reporter will be kind hearted person that he is and reach out to him with a helping hand to differentiate all these pesky Batwomen.

Dan, here's Kathy Kane, the first Batwoman:

Now, I know this is hard given you probably didn't realize this character existed until this Wednesday when you were forced to endure those damn kids on the Twitter complaining about her, but here's Kate Kane the current Batwoman:

Hopefully, now you'll know the difference and if you need ANY help recognizing the numerous Batgirls whose names are not Barbara Gordon, this reporter will be happy to extend that olive branch as well and help you at ANY Chicago Comic Con you attend next year, provided he doesn't get dragged into a secret conference room to be lectured about our snarky articles again. Just whip out your Jitterbug cell phone and give me a call. Zechs is here to help, Dan.

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