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DC Shocker: DC Can't Even Meet Original 3Dnado Allocation Numbers

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, September 18 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Shocker: DC Can't Even Meet Original 3Dnado Allocation Numbers

The company must have felt retailers were receiving too many of these 3D covers.

Source: Savage Critic

Well, it's been a peaceful eleven days since DC Comics last did something stupid. As the beleaguered publisher retreated and regrouped after their last epicly stupid week, Outhouse Editor in Chief Christian Hoffer has been spending his time drinking martinis, chomping cigars, and playing golf, yours truly, Jude Terror, has been spending time with his neglected family, and Contributing Editor Jeremy Shane has spent 11 days dozing lazily on his front porch with gobs of level 20 sunblock smeared liberally all over his shiny bald ahead. It's been... pretty nice.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and that is exactly what happened when the latest announcement from the DC Entertainment Retailer Newsletter hit the web, both on our forums courtesy of Outhouser OldCurmudgeon, and today in a post by retail mogul Brian Hibbs on Savage Critic:


Retailers, due to a production shortage, DC Entertainment announces an update on allocations to these Villains Month 3-D Motion Cover issues:

  • BATMAN #23.4: BANE (JUL130188) will ship at approximately 93% of your previous allocation
  • BATMAN/SUPERMAN #3.1: DOOMSDAY (JUL130184) will ship at approximately 84% of your previous allocation
  • SUPERMAN #23.4: PARASITE (JUL130183) will ship at approximately 90% of your previous allocation

All three of these issues are scheduled to arrive in stores on September 25.


Yes, you read that correctly. DC is putting allocations on their allocations. DC attributes the move to "production shortages," but we're forced to wonder how a company that's under constant fire for their gaffes and screw-ups wouldn't make sure to get the allocation numbers right when they first announced them. Is this a new, second shortage of lenticular materials? Does the stuff suffer from some sort of unstable radioactive decay? Are a cabal of disgruntled former DC creators sabotaging the black market 3D paper supply? Is it an intentional move to drive up prices on the books, some of which have been selling for ridiculous sums in shops and on ebay?

Nah, that last one is ridiculous... DC could never pull off something that intelligent and well-planned.

The truth is, no one knows why DC is incapable of knowing, at any given time, how many comic books they will be able to ship to retailers a week from now. After all, how could a major corporation whose business is producing comic books be expected to have a handle on the number of comics they're producing? But hey, feel free to speculate on the reasoning. After all, that's apparently what DC did when they first told retailers how many copies of these comics they'd be receiving.

It has been 0 days...

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