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'The Big Bang Theory' Gets Current on Comics with Spider-Ock Reference

Written by Jeremy Shane on Friday, September 27 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

'The Big Bang Theory' Gets Current on Comics with Spider-Ock Reference

Though often heralded for its scientific doodle accuracies, the show rarely gets specific in the comic world, but all that changed last night.

I realize The Big Bang Theory is as much fun for some to hate as it is for others to love.  Often those same white knights that appear to tell everyone that we shouldn't be deciding who qualifies as a true geek pop up to tell us that the show and people that enjoy it aren't "true geek".  This is a stupid argument for another day, however, as I simply wanted to share how enjoyable it was to see a current comic reference thrown into the show.  The guys often talk comics, but quite often it's typical superhero nerd arguments thrown in for laughs.  Last night though, Howard and Raj started talking  Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man run where Dock Ock has taken over Peter's body. 

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for uploading the clip:


Dan Slott was happy to get the mention as well:



Watch out for your mom Raj!



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