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Legend of Korra Moves to Nicktoons

Written by Zechs on Sunday, September 29 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Legend of Korra Moves to Nicktoons

The popular animated show will be moving from Nickelodeon to Nick Toons starting in October. UPDATE**

Starting October 9th, the Legend of Korra will begin airing new episodes exclusively on Nick Toons, starting with episode six, "The Sting". Even more surprisingly, another new episode, "Beginnings Part 1," is scheduled to air the very next day. This might even be troubling news for the show, which as, we reported a week ago, is in a ratings slump. This sudden move might be a result of that, though there is no confirmation from Nickelodeon.

We also don't know if Nick will continue airing new episodes past October 10th (no one has any episode listings for the sho past October 10th), or if they will continue to run new episodes until the show goes on hiatus (as it has done in the past with it's predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender). We'll update you with any more information on this developing story.


UPDATE 9/29* and Comcast both list new episodes of The Legend of Korra for Nick Toons at that exact date (October 9th and 10th). TV Guide.Com only currently lists next week's episode (October 4th   "Peacekeepers").

There is a possibility this could be a scheduling error, but most of the schedules listed are following suit that Legend of Korra will air two new episodes on Nick Toons and not Nickelodeon.

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