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BOOM! Studios Lucrative New Movie Deal With Fox Linked to Exclamation Point in Name

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, October 03 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

BOOM! Studios Lucrative New Movie Deal With Fox Linked to Exclamation Point in Name

BOOM! will get a portion of box office gross to split with creators while 20th Century Fox gets an option to use a semicolon in their logo.

Source: THR

The blogosphere has been going crazy since yesterday over the brand new movie deal BOOM! Studios has inked with 20th Century Fox. The deal, being called one of the most lucrative a movie studio has ever made with a comic book company, gives Fox "first look" at making a movie out of all of BOOM! and recently acquired Archaia's original properties, while BOOM!, in return, gets something called "first-dollar gross," which is a sexual act involving green kool-aid, a printing press, and a life-size bust of George Washington a portion of the movie's box office. The deal means that, whether or not a movie is profitable, BOOM!, in a 50/50 split with the property's creators, will get paid.

So how did a relatively small comics publisher land such a sweet ass deal? The Hollywood reporter points out that BOOM! is a publisher that is constantly coming up with new properties, while Marvel and DC rarely do, instead making use of their library of old characters, and that a deal with a single company is probably a lot more convenient than making deals with all of the individual creators, but The Outhouse managed to obtain a fake comment from BOOM! honcho and obscure Golden Age comic book character Ross Richie, is the first to really get to the bottom it.

"I believe it's in large part due to the fact that BOOM! Studios has an exclamation point in its name," Richie explained helpfully. "It's an extremely effective innovation in grammar that forces a person to take notice. You don't know what to do when you're reading a sentence and all of a sudden BOOM! pops up in there. Do you pause there? An exclamation point would normally indicate that, but not here. It's a part of the name."

Richie went on to explain that the concept must have caught the Fox executives off guard when reading through contract negotiations, and that they were subsequently made short work of by BOOM!'s negotiation team, which consisted, coincidentally, of Ross Richie. Richie laughed at other comic book companies whose names contain only conventional conventional punctuation, if any.

"Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment hasn't, to the best of my knowledge, actually produced any comic books, but they still get deals with the SyFy network," Richie pointed out. "This shit works. I'm telling you."

Richie will server as executive producer on all of the future films, along with Archaia Editor and Governor of New Jersey, Stephen Christy. BOOM! also gains access to Fox's catalog of properties to create comic book reboots, which Fox can then turn into movie reboots. Reboots for everyone! Huzzah!

We look forward to BOOM!'s comic version of Mrs. Doubtfire.

Archaia Editor Stephen Christy, pictured inside the stomach of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie after he ate him.

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