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Mark Waid Speaks Out Against Bullying in Industry

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, October 03 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Mark Waid Speaks Out Against Bullying in Industry

He also offers some advice to young freelancers, but that doesn't make as attractive a headline.

Source: Thrillbent

The man who once told posters on Newsarama's message boards that "the next person to call [Marvel Editor who had just left DC during the publishing of 52] Stephen Wacker unprofessional would be eating through a straw for the rest of their lives" has come out against comic book industry bullying in a blog post offering advice to young freelance comic book creators. I hold a special place my black hearts for Waid because the accomplished creator, former BOOM! Editor in Chief, digital advocate, founder of Thrillbent, and sworn enemy of the Girl Scouts of America inadvertently jump started this reporter's internet comics journalism career by inspiring me to make an account at Newsarama to stick up for him during the aforementioned incident as whiny, butthurt fanboys cried as if Waid has literally threatened them. (Editor's note: So in a way, you can thank Waid for a large part of the Outhouse.) (Writer's Note: Hey, is that a fat joke?!) (Editor's Note: ...) It's great to see someone of Waid's stature take such a strong stance on this issue, and his words have gotten the stamp of approval from some other important people in the industry, and Tom Spurgeon:









The list goes on and on, really. Of course, Waid's statements follow a recent speech from Image Editor in Chief Eric Stephenson, which called out the Big Two publishers directly on using bullying to force creators into exclusive contracts. Most people assume Stephenson and Waid are referring to DC Comics, who have blessed the blogosphere with an ongoing stupidpalooza of talented creators walking away from the company or walking off of books for some time now, but it's entirely possible that the same issues are present elsewhere as well. One thing that struck us about the realization that, when prominent industry people are lining up to praise Waid's blog post, in which Waid says, "if that had been the Way Things Were 29 years ago, I’d just be getting out of prison about now," as "level-headed advice," you know these practices must be a serious problem.

DC Comics' Talent Relations manager Suge Knight, or possibly Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. We're not 100% positive.

Obviously, The Outhouse, which runs the countdown website, is inclined to agree with Waid's statements, so why are we stirring the pot about it? Well, it really seemed like he wanted us to:


Go ahead and check out Waid's blog post. It's a very interesting read.

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