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80 Year Old Man Cautiously Optimistic for Dark Horse/Dynamite Crossover The Shadow vs. Grendel

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, October 08 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

80 Year Old Man Cautiously Optimistic for Dark Horse/Dynamite Crossover The Shadow vs. Grendel

The octogenarian is worried there are too many crossovers in comics, but it's Dark Horse and Dynamite, so it will probably be worth it.

Source: Press Release

80 year old Stanley Moore of Los Angeles, CA is known to readers of The Outhouse as the youngest living fan of pulp heroes such as The Spirit and Buck Rogers, so you all know that as soon as we became aware of the fact that Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Entertainment are getting together to produce a crossover between Dynamite's classic hero, The Shadow, and Matt Wagner's Grendel, we couldn't wait to call Stanley up and tell him about it.

"HELLO!" shouted an alarmed Stanley when he answered our call on his Jitterbug 2 Smartphone. Stanley likes to keep up with the latest in geriatric technology. "OPERATOR?! WHERE'S THE DIAL TONE?!"

We explained to Stanley that we were his old friends, The Outhouse, and, once we got him to settle down, we told him that The Shadow would be crossing over with Grendel.

"Grendel?" Stanley asked, becoming excited again. "He was a childhood friend of mine."

We told Stanley that we weren't talking about the antagonist from the epic poem Beowulf, but best selling author Hunter Rose, who is secretly the masked assassin and criminal overlord known as Grendel in Matt Wagner's beloved comics from Dark Horse.

"Whores?!" Stanley became very agitated. "Where? Get me my Cialis! No, get my Viagra! Wait! Bring me both! I'm gonna need a cocktail!"

It took us a while, but we eventually convinced Stanley that he had misheard us, there were no prostitutes, and that we were, in fact, just trying to tell him about a new comic featuring his beloved Shadow. Wagner will write and draw the story, in which Grendel finds himself in the the Shadow's noir world.

"Oh," Stanley responded. "Meh."

What? Did he hear us correctly, we wondered. Usually, Stanley just misunderstands what we're talking about and says something racist that forces us to explain that his generation was raised during a different time and don't understand that what they're saying is extremely offensive, quickly ending the article before he gets us in too much trouble. He's never reacted like this before. So we just wanted to be clear.

"Okay," said Stanley, nodding.

You understand that we're talking about the Shadow, the classic pulp hero, we said.

"Right," said Stanley. "The Shadow."

And you understand he's going to be in a crossover with Grendel, we said.

"Yes," said Stanley. "Not the Beowulf character. The comic by Matt Wagner."

Yes! Stanley had heard everything we said. So why wasn't he overjoyed?

"Well, I'll read it," Stanley assured us. "I do love The Shadow, and though this Matt Wagner is a plucky young whippersnapper, he seems like a nice boy. I have lot of respect for Dark Horse and Dynamite. I think it will be good."

So why the "meh?"

"It's event fatigue," he explained. "It seems like, these days, Marvel and DC can't go three months without announcing a new crossover. I feel like something like this should be special, something that only happens once in a while, and for Dark Horse and Dynamite, it is. But the Big Two, they spoil it for everyone. So I just want to be clear. I am excited for The Shadow vs. Grendel, but find myself feeling cynical about all events in comics thanks to the overuse of the convention by a few chronic offenders."

Wow. That was... extremely lucid for Stanley. And not even a little bit racist. It may be the most coherent and simultaneous least offensive statement we've gotten from him in the year we've been doing these interviews...

"Jews?! Where?!" yelped a startled Stanley.

No! We didn't say Jews. We said interviews. Come on!

"Where's my shotgun?!" Stanley shouted. "I'll get you, you goddamn..."

Roll the press release! Do it now! Goddamn it!





New York Comic Con kicks off with news of an all-new Matt Wagner series ‘The Shadow vs. Grendel!’


NEW YORK, NY, OCTOBER 7–Days before the doors open on one of the year’s largest events in pop culture, Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Entertainment announce the first in a series of upcoming crossovers. Matt Wagner will write and draw an all-new Grendel story steeped in the pulp-noir world of The Shadow!


The Shadow is one of the most renowned and enduring pop-culture creations of all time, a multi-media character that established the original archetype of the modern super-hero.  Grendel, Matt Wagner’s epic saga of dark aggression, has been a trailblazing powerhouse of independent comics for over thirty years and, for many fans, the elegant and deadly Hunter Rose is the quintessential version of the character.  Combined, these legendary and iconic characters represent over a century of publishing history!


Best-selling author Hunter Rose is secretly the masked assassin and criminal overlord known only as Grendel.  When an arcane artifact comes into his possession, Grendel finds himself thrust into a world for which he seems destined, where style and violence intersect to form a dazzling golden age.  He will soon discover that this New York also has a fearsome protector—a dark and mysterious avenger whose name is spoken in hushed whispers, The Shadow!


“Ever since the smash success of my two previous crossover events (with Batman), I’ve had many offers over the years to see Grendel cross blades with a varied host of other characters,” comments Grendel creator, Matt Wagner.  “But none of those opportunities ever excited me as much as this possibility.  I’ve been a huge fan of The Shadow for many, many years and my love of the character finally saw fruition when I got the chance to literally re-define his origins by writing  The Shadow: Year One for Dynamite.  To have the chance to both write and draw The Shadow facing my own creation is something of a dream come true!  It's also adds yet another instant classic to my long legacy of Grendel projects with Dark Horse Comics.”


“I'm looking forward to this project for many reasons, not the least of which is Matt Wagner's return as both writer and artist of Grendel” said Dark Horse president and publisher, Mike Richardson. “The fact that I share Matt's enthusiasm for one of the greatest fictional characters of all time, The Shadow, makes it all the more exciting. Dark Horse and Dynamite are proud to announce this great comic series from one of comics' premier creators.”


“Matt Wagner truly is a living legend.  I’ve personally known and been a fan of Matt’s since Grendel first appeared in the early ‘80’s, and one of the first prestige comics I bought was the Terminator by Matt with James Robinson from Dark Horse.  Matt’s an incredible story teller and has written three series for Dynamite, including The Shadow: Year One” said Dynamite publisher, Nick Barucci. “When the idea for a Shadow/Grendel cross-over was suggested, and Matt stated that he would write it AND illustrate the series in a Prestige format, let’s just say that you can’t quantify the excitement in our offices.  This is such an incredible series, and the first of more projects that Dynamite and Dark Horse are announcing.”


This exciting new three issue series will be released in three 48 page prestige format issues in 2014!

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