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Another Godzilla Trailer Surfaces

Written by Zechs on Saturday, October 12 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Another Godzilla Trailer Surfaces

Just when you thought it was safe, yet another trailer for Legendary Pictures Godzilla has leaked.

Last week we had the SDCC trailer from 2012 leaked fully onto the internet. Then Warner Brothers did their damnest to remove any hint of that trailer from the web. Well, yet another trailer for the movie has found it's way online.


A copy also has slowly made it's way into my hands.  I want to post it, but I know full well it would only last an hour at best before it's taken down at any video site at the behest of Warner Brothers. I'm just going to assume tha,t as of this article, other brave souls will try to do what I cannot.


So before I go into details and screenshots  I'll say this: Like the previous trailer, it is out there if you look for it.  The second thing I'll say about the video is it's shot in horrible quality.  I wonder if the uploader somehow is associated with the production of the movie and likewise is responsible for the leak of last week.


Okay enough conspiracy theories, you're here for one thing only, the screenshots and description of the trailer. First off, the screenshots are to the best quality I can make with the video given (the white dashboard is from the camera the uploader records the video from). Secondly the trailer reuses a few images from the SDCC '12 trailer. So I just reused those images. Enough talk. Here they are:


[EDITOR'S NOTE: We've been asked to remove the images by Warner Bros., who feel that the unfinished, unauthorized images could lessen the ultimate fan experience. Warner Bros. appreciates everyone's enthusiasm, but you're just gonna have to make due with Zechs' recap below instead, for now.]


The trailer begins with David Strathairn's Major (who has the only dialogue in the trailer) giving the orders of the military operation they're about to perform:

"Gentlemen you are being sent in by a Halo jump. Now I realize not all you have hands on experience. Frankly none of us have quite faced a situation quite like this one before. But I would not asking any one of you to take this leap, if I did not have complete faith in your ability to succeed. Your courage will never be more needed than it is today."

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is amongst the paratroopers as they make the halo drop. We see the descent from various perspectives, until we see them go through a large haze. We then see them finally reaching their location heavily wrecked naval fleet.

We then cut to someone running before a quick cut to a train and then a character on it (I can't make it out who it is. Can you?) as they watch the train car just gutted by a clawed hand. Some shots of the various characters from the film before given a glimpse of more city-wide destruction and then Bryan Cranston's character giving an absolutely horrified reaction to something.

Then we cut to the train wreck seen from the SDCC trailer and then a brief glimpse again of Taylor-Johnson before another SDCC another shot of the wrecked building. Finally Elizabeth Olsen's character looking up in terror and (presumably) seeing Godzilla's form before he let's out a massive roar. Cue title card.


There you have it. The total video length is two minutes and thirty-eight seconds for those who wish to look for it. The other assessments I can make about this trailer is this isn't the SDCC 2013 trailer that was shown since that had shots of insect-like kaiju fighting off the military before Godzilla shows up showing how huge it is compared to the other creature. So it stands to reason this might be a theatrical trailer that is set to be released soon.


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