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Post New York Comic Con Guide to All-New Marvel NOW Teasers

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, October 14 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Post New York Comic Con Guide to All-New Marvel NOW Teasers

Now that the dust has settled, what did all those Marvel teasers mean? The Outhouse explains it all in one comprehensive list!

To the annoyance of The Outhouse writing staff, who are tasked with thinking of something funny to say about Comic Book industry news, Marvel released twenty teasers in the two weeks leading up to New York Comic Con this year. Now that the convention has ended, what did all those teasers mean? We've compiled all the reveals here so you don't have to spend literally minutes searching for them individually!


Assassin turned out to be a new Elektra series by writer Zeb Wells and artist Mike Del Mundo. It'll be in stores in March, and promises to cover up Elektra's butt in her costume. The connection here is fairly straightforward: Elektra is primarily known as an Assassin, and this was an easy one to guess.

Read more here.

Atonement was revealed to be a Black Widow solo series by Outhouse favorite writer Nathan Edmondson and the great Phil Noto. Once you find out that it's a Black Widow series, it's easy to see the connection. In The Avengers film, the Widow kept referring to all the red in her ledger, so she must have a lot to "atone" for. Black Widow #1 will be in stores in January.

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Does it count on a new series if the previous one was only canceled so it could be relaunched with a new number one? Either way, this is a new volume of X-Factor by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico, and the word "corporate" refers to the sponsorship of the new team, consisting of Polaris, Quicksilver, and Gambit (so far), by Serval Industries. X-Factor kicks off in January.

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Defend, with it's all-American colors, naturally refers to the new Iron Patriot series by Ales Kot and Garry Brown. The series aims to allow James Rhodes, who has defended the country as War Machine for decades, to thrive on his own without Iron Man, becoming his own man. We'll have to see how that goes, but we might recommend not wearing a suit that looks exactly like Iron Man's, if that's his goal. Iron Patriot #1 blasts off in March.

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Marvel announced the followup to Avengers Arena from the creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker this weekend. Avengers Underground will take some of the survivors of Murder World and take them to Bagalia, where they'll try to infiltrate the ranks of Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil. The series will deal with the character's struggle with their own natures, as they find they may fit in better as villains than heroes. That would qualify as a descent... into villainy?



Extinction refers to the extinction of the human race. What?! It's a 10,000 year-spanning story in Avengers A.I. by Sam Humphries and Andre Araujo, beginning in Avengers A.I. #8.NOW (SO WHY IS THERE A NUMBER ONE IN THE TEASER?!). Dimitrios' plan for AI domination extends all the way into the 130th century, so epic may not be an adequate enough term to describe this one.

Frenemies teased a Secret Avengers reboot, as Ales Kot and Michael Walsh will be taking over the book, which Kot describes as James Bond meets Breaking Bad meets Arrested Development meets Marvel. Spider-Woman, Nick Fury Jr, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Phil Coulson will make up the team, along with a mysterious sixth member. The book will be in stores in March.

"Global" is a play on words, with Avengers World announced as a new ongoing series by writers Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer with Stefano Caselli on art. The premise of the series, tying into Hickman's Avengers/New Avengers/Infinity run, is that the Avengers have become too big for Earth, and they are now protectors and representatives of the entire planet. Avengers World starts in January.

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Higher was another easy one for anyone who read Kelly Sue Deconnick's Captain Marvel run, which played around a lot with Carol Danvers and her power of flight. The new series will be cosmic in nature, keeping Danvers in space after Infinity. And how much higher can you get than space? David Lopez will handle the art on the series, which hits stores in March.

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Another one from Edmondson, along with Mitch Gerads this time. It's a new Punisher series, which makes sense, because The Punisher hunts criminals. Or is it the Punisher being hunted?! The Punisher heads to to the City of Angels to cut the head off the snake of crime in this series, coming in March.

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We're mildly confused by this one, because the teaser has a faint "1" in the background, signifying a new series, but the creative team seems to be referring to "The Great One" Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli on Guardians of the Galaxy, which is crossing over with Bendis and Stuart Immonen's All-New X-Men for The Trial of Jean Grey. It doesn't look like either series is being rebooted, so the "1" must refer to Bendis's nickname, or some intern with adequate Photoshop skills is getting fired. The six-issue crossover begins in All New X-Men #22 and Guardians of the Galaxy #11 (not sure if .NOWs), and will feature young Jean being kidnapped by the Shi'ar and put on trial for the crimes her future (our past) self commits.

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This one is another not number one. It's the next Captain America arc, starting in Captain America #16. We refuse to acknowledge that Marvel is calling it Captain America #16.NOW. Mindbubble refers to Dr. Mindbubble, a product of Weapon Plus. Jet Black will continue to play a role in the series, and the Red Skull will make an appearance.

Overdrive is pushing the boundaries of word association, and it refers to a new Ghost Rider ongoing series from Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore. Out in March, this one is short on both details and an available cover image, so we'll just post this picture of Nicholas Cage instead. You're welcome.

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This may be the coolest of all Marvel's annoucements. It's a new Silver Surfer series from Dan Slott and Mike Allred. The art looks awesome, and the Surfer has a girlfriend. RAD! is both a euphemism commonly used by surfer dudes, as well as a play on the Surfer's name, Norrin Radd. Silver Surfer #1 is out in March.

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Here's another teaser that is misleading, since it's not a new series; it's Charles Soule and Carlo Barberi's Thunderbolts, which is adding a new team member, Ghost Rider, the Johnny Blaze version, with issue #20.NOW, also Barberi's first issue as artist. Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengeance, and he punishes sinners, which explains the teaser.

CBR has an interview with Soule here.

The End refers to an upcoming story arc in Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man. A lot of fans have speculated that this could be the beginning of the end for Doc Ock's run as Spidey, but for Slott, it seems to be all about the goblins. The dominoes will start to fall in Superior Spider-Man #27, with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Insane Outhouse writer Zechs, who is obsessed with goblins, explains it all here.

We talked about this one above with the Judgment teaser. It's the trial of Jean Grey, a crossover between All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy. The creative team on this teaser indicates it belongs to the All-New X-Men side, but neither book will be rebooted, with the six issue crossover kicking off in All New X-Men #22 and Guardians of the Galaxy #11 (which may or may not be numbered .NOW).

Here's a picture of young Cyclops kissing X-23.

Well, the Trust teaser is clearly a swerve, because it's all about a new book starring Loki, the last Norse god anyone should ever trust. Loki: Agent of Asgard, by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett, will seemingly be set in the future and feature a grown-up Loki going on undercover missions for Asgard. The series will be in stores in February.

Read more here.

War refers to a "new kind of war" in which "mutants, Atlanteans, Deviants, clones, alien half-breeds, and magical beings" are all being targeted by the High Evolutionary. Those just happen to be the exact demographics that make up a new New Warriors team in a new ongoing by Chris Yost and Marcus To. The book launches in February.

Read more here.

The final teaser was revealed to be a new arc on Savage Wolverine written and drawn by Richard Isanove, who is most famous for his coloring. The story is set in Wolverine's past, in the 1930s, as he goes on the run with some mobsters with a group of orphans. Once again, this is not a new number one, but instead begins in Savage Wolverine #14 (.NOW? Who the hell knows anymore?). Is Wolverine escaping the wrath of the mobsters? Will the children feel his wrath as he murders them? Will readers feel the wrath of Wolverine oversaturation? It could be any or all of those reasons.

Read more here.


So, which new series are you most excited for? How many of the teasers did you correctly predict? Post your comments below!


Some more All-New Marvel NOW titles that weren't part of the teasers or were previously announced:

Amazing X-Men by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness (announced at San Diego Comic Con, technically not part of All-New Marvel NOW, but out next month)

All-New Invaders by James Robinson and Steve Hugh (revealed last month, out in January)

James Robinson and Leonard Kirk take over Fantastic Four (new number one issue out in February, sort of unconfirmed)

Inhumanity/Inhuman by Matt Fraction and Joe Madueira (revealed months ago. out in December)

She-Hulk by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido (revealed last month, our in February)

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