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NYCC: SilverPhoenix Plays Bayonetta 2

Written by Linwood Earl Knight on Tuesday, October 15 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

NYCC: SilverPhoenix Plays Bayonetta 2

Can Lightning Truly Strike Twice?





Bayonetta 2

Developer:  Platnum Games

Publisher: Nintendo

Format: WiiU

Release Date: 2014



No matter how you slice it, the WiiU is in a perilous situation. Despite major investment from Nintendo, the follow-up to its’ massively successful last attempt has sputtered out of the gate for many reasons, including the failed gamble on its’ massively expensive Tablet Controller. Things have gotten so bad, that many are predicting that the system will be made irrelevant on the very day the PlayStation 4 launches. However, none of that mattered this weekend, as Nintendo’s Booth was busy all 4 days with numerous people waiting in line to play the future, a future that includes Bayonetta 2, one of the most crowded attractions at NYCC period. With nearly 2 hour waits to play the game for the first 3 days, surely Bayonetta 2 is shaping up to be one hell of a game, right? You better believe it is.


For those of you have played Bayonetta, I can reconfirm that the sequel does many of the same things the first game is known for. The action is frantic, the game will leave your hands sore and the more sexual Bayonetta gets, the more dramatic the enemy deaths become. If those aspects haven’t turned you off, then you’ll be happy to know that the SEGA has kicked that frantic action up a notch.  The 3 pronged level that was playable in the demo had the action started on Jet Fighter, before shifting itself to a Train that was outrunning a collapsing bridge. To make things even more frantic, the demo concluded with a fight against Gomorrah  at scaled up a tribute to the Empire State Building. If the action is this frantic in the demo, I can only imagine how insane it’ll get in the final product. Thankfully, the game plays just as well as its’ predecessor, alleviating a fear that I had due to the Tablet. It did take some getting used to the different Button Set-Up. The only thing that’s left to do is to pray that there will be Pro-Controller Support.


As you may have already guessed, I didn’t get to hear the music at all during my play though, but I did get to see the visuals and to say that those were gorgeous is a grave understatement. Despite the hardware not possessing the raw processing power of the PS4 and X-Box One, Platinum Games proves that you can still get amazing looking games from this console. With all of the stuff the demo throws at you, I couldn’t help but be impressed that neither the Frame Rate nor Screen Itself was compromised at any moment. Looking at videos will not do it justice. You will definitely want to see Bayonetta 2 with your very eyes.


Even though I have spent the past 2 paragraphs praising this game, one cannot forget the reality that Bayonetta did not do so well when it came out 3 years ago. Yes, the game did go on to sell around a Million Copies when all was said and done, but the majority of those copies were not at premium prices. In fact, if it had not been for Nintendo, Bayonetta and her world may have been resigned to the dustbins of history, due to SEGA’s more conservative Business direction.  Of course, time will tell if Nintendo’s investment in this property will pay monetary dividends, but I have a feeling that this game will become an instant WiiU classic.


Bayonetta 2 hits the streets sometime next year. In addition, if you want to see how I handle playing this game for the first time, there’s a video down below that says it all.


NYCC 2013: Raw Footage of Bayonetta 2


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