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Last Chance for Mad Feels in Avengers Arena #18

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, October 29 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Last Chance for Mad Feels in Avengers Arena #18

With the final issue of the wanton teenage death comic in stores in November, Tumblr bloggers and other overly-sensitive types scramble to get in their final emotional tirades.

Source: Press Release

After over a year of endless complaining on social media sites like Tumblr over the senseless slaughter of beloved teenage characters in the popular Marvel comic book, Avengers Arena, the madness will come to an end next month when Avengers Arena #18, the final issue in the series, hits shelves. That means that readers of the series - we can't call them fans, since they appear to take the book as a personal offense against everything they hold sacred - have only one more month to cry about how Marvel is killing off their favorite characters for nothing more than shock value and cheap thrills. For some, it's a bittersweet moment in comics history.

"I feel like it's the end of an era," said Tumblr blogger X-24. "I posted no less than 47 diatribes comparing [Avengers Arena writer] Dennis Hopeless to Hitler since the book debuted, but, to be honest, I kind of feel like we're almost old friends at this point."

"I mean, sure, I've suggested that Dennis should face criminal charges for killing Mettle in the first issue of the series," she admitted, "and yeah, once or twice, I may have intimated that [series artist] Kev Walker should have his fingers irreparably broken so that he can never again use them to draw comics that scar the fragile psyches of former Avengers Academy readers, but I actually feel kind of sad the book is going to end, you know?"

But while fans like X-24 waste time on melancholy ponderings, others plan to take full advantage of the time they still have left with the series.

"In the month leading up to the release of the issue, I plan to publish a daily article on my blog demanding that Marvel bring back all the teen heroes killed in Avengers Arena and retcon the series out of existence," revealed Tumblr user and number one Juston Seifert fan McKeeverRox99. "I think that the reason Marvel hasn't been listening to the fans about this is that, while we've complained very loudly, we haven't complained enough."

McKeeverRox99 hopes to remedy that mistake with his 28 Days of Melodramatic Outrage event. For some, however, the series was less an offense, and more a disappointment.

"I was hoping to be really upset by the series," explained vocal anti-Avengers Arena blogger DonnieDarkhawk, "but it turns out that Hopeless killed far fewer teen Avengers than I thought he would, and most of them were from that stupid Captain Britain Academy. I feel like I was cheated out of the opportunity to be outraged about the deaths of characters from The Runaways or New X-Men: Academy X, with the team choosing to mostly kill new characters like Red Raven and Kid Briton, who not even I could pretend to care about."

He paused for a moment, sighing heavily. "Just think how mad I could have been. It seems like a wasted opportunity, you know?"

Still, others view the planned end of the series as something of a victory.

"I've been demanding that they cancel Avengers Arena since before the first issue was published, and I can't see how Marvel's ending the series can be seen as anything other than a complete and utter victory for me and my fellow bloggers," boasted HazmatHeartsKidLoki, proprietor of a Tumblr blog that specialized in erotic fan fiction stories in which Avengers Arena plots are reimagined as stories where the characters make out with Kid Loki from Keiron Gillen's Journey Into Mystery run.

HHKL told us that she planned to celebrate by posting multiple drawings of a shirtless Kid Loki riding Chase's dinosaur while kissing Nico Minouri on DeviantArt.

How do you plan to celebrate the demise of the most hated comic book in Marvel history not written by Chuck Austen? While you think about your answer, check out the preview of the final issue of Avengers Arena, along with a press release from Marvel, below:


It’s Game Over in AVENGERS ARENA #18! Your First Look at the FINAL ISSUE!

It’s all come down to this! Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avengers Arena #18, the shocking series finale – from the award winning creative team of Dennis Hopeless & Kev Walker! Sixteen young, troubled superheroes trapped on an island, forced to fight to the death for the amusement of a mad man! Now, as the surviving teens stand battered, bruised, and bleeding – who will remain when the dust clears?! As Arcade’s master plan reaches its climax – it’s still anyone’s game! Who lives? Who dies? What will be left of the survivors when it’s over? And how will the seeds planted here bear bitter fruit in the upcoming Avengers Undercover #1? Find out this November in the jaw-dropping Avengers Arena 18!





FOC 11/04/14, ON-SALE 11/27/13


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