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The Outhouse Covers LA's Newest... Burlesque Show?

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, November 04 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

The Outhouse Covers LA's Newest... Burlesque Show?

TEASE, if you please! debuted at Bar Fedora in Los Angeles on Friday, and for some reason, The Outhouse was invited.

When Donna Hood contacted The Outhouse to personally invite us to the opening of her new burlesque show in Los Angeles, TEASE, if you please!, the obvious question came to mind: does she know we're a website that makes fun of comic books?

So we reached out to someone who we felt was more suited to the task: former Marvel Comics and Image Comics superstar artist, and current Hollywood VFX big shot, Pedram Shohadai. Because that's how we roll.

Pedi reports:

Imagine, a comic book convention full of the most amazing, inspiring artists you've never experienced. Now, shrink that venue down to a small, intimate room and remove all the unfavorables - keeping only the attractive, well-dressed fans and most passionate creatives. Now, imagine these artists are instead the loveliest, sexiest, emotive, experienced women you could only dream to someday be in your immediate presence...

Then, each of these professionals takes turns playing and teasing on your every sense, seductively discarding each article of clothing, down to the absolute minimums.... while tingling even your funniest bone, too.

That's where I was last night for two hours... Believe it or not, thanks to the one and only, Jude Terror and the Greatest Comic Book Website, The Outhouse, asking lil ol' me to cover this event: Donna Hood's "Tease, if you please" Authentic Burlesque Show -

Now, visit the website; visit downtown Los Angeles; visit Donna and her very talented friends. Stop imagining!

- Pedram Shohadai
Los Angeles Outhouse Correspondent

P.S. - At the end of the night, as I walked away... I overheard a lady's voice saying to someone, "if you're so cool, you wouldn't be leaving alone." But, if she only knew, each step further only heightened my desires to be taken home by each of them, all at once. 


And here's a press release about the show:

Miss Donna Hood Presents “TEASE, if you please!” An authentic burlesque show with a modern day twist.

Los Angeles, CA– Miss Donna Hood will present “TEASE, if you please!” Taking place at Bar Fedora at First and Hope American Bistro on November 1st, 2013. Miss Donna Hood headlines the show and will be accompanied by guest performers Tonya Kay, Kristina Nekyia, Jessabelle Thunder, Olivia Bellafontaine, Erica Holland, Ruby Champagne, Emilie Livingston, Klara Elias, Tess Polacheck, and host Selene Luna!

"TEASE, if you please!" is an authentic burlesque show presented in the vaudeville style that was so popular back in the early 1900's. Miss Donna Hood is so proud to bring “TEASE, if you please!” to Los Angeles and share the art of burlesque in a beautiful, classy setting. What makes this show different than any other show in Los Angeles is that you can walk into a beautiful art deco venue located right across the street from the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The dim lighting, decor, and jazz music playing really makes you feel like you took a trip back to the roaring 20's! Once you have enjoyed a delicious meal and hand-crafted cocktails you will be escorted to your table in an intimate, speakeasy theater. The waitstaff will always make sure you have a tasty cocktail, and even small bites if you choose. This theater has lighting and sound that brings each act to life!

Every act has been hand selected for their originality, stand-out stage presence, and show business reputation. These performers have performed all over the world, competing in some of the most prestigious burlesque competitions, and some have even performed with the undisputed Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese! You will be sure to be laughing, cheering, and always wanting more!

The show runs bi-weekly and no show is the same. So for those show-goers you will never see the same show twice! Feel free to stay and shake hands with our performers because after all we are here for you! 


Tickets: $30.00 General Admission $60.00 Dinner Package for tickets purchasing 


So, if you're in the LA area, check it out, so we get invited to more stuff!

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