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X-Factor New Line-Up And Hideously Ugly Uniforms Leaked.

X-Factor New Line-Up And Hideously Ugly Uniforms Leaked.

All New X-Factor line-up features Quicksilver, Polaris, Gambit, and Garth Brooks-like uniforms.

Source: Bleeding Cool

A member of the CBR forums scanned artwork from Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico ‘s new X-Factor series from the Marvel Previews magazine. It featured the team’s new line-up in their new hideous-yellow-and-gray costumes.


The good news is the line-up, which will feature Quicksilver, Polaris, Doug Ramsey, Warlock (the Technarch from New Mutants), Danger, and  Gambit. (Remember when Gambit was the hot X-Men character? Oh how the mighty have fallen!)

Now for the bad news - the uniforms. Di Giandomencio has come up with possibly the ugliest unis to come out of the Marvel Universe in quite some time. Apparently the artist has some sort of weird Garth Brooks fixation, as the unis resemble the country singer’s infamous 90‘s-era western-style shirts.  For those too young to understand the reign of terror Garth Brooks blazed through both the album charts and men’s fashion during the 1990‘s. Here’s a look at Brooks at the country singer at his peak.


All New X-Factor debuts in Jan. 2014. You’ll be searching for an ice pick to stab your eyes out later.

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