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Marvel Announces New Ms. Marvel Series Starring Muslim-American Teenager

Written by ThanosCopter on Tuesday, November 05 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Announces New Ms. Marvel Series Starring Muslim-American Teenager

You probably shouldn't read the comments on this article.

Source: New York Times

Marvel announced to the New York Times that G Willow Wilson (writer of the short-lived revival of the Crossgen series Mystic) will be writing a new Ms. Marvel series starring Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenage girl with the ability to shapeshift.  According to the Times, Khan idolizes Carol Danvers and takes up her original codename after discovering her powers. 

In the interview, Wilson said the comic will balance Khan's home life (which features a paranoid mother, overbearing father and a conservative brother) with her budding superhero career. The comic will also see Khan struggle with her faith, although Willow (a convert to Islam) noted that she won't evangelize her faith in the comic.  

No artist was announced, but we did get our first look at Khan via the Times.  Ms. Marvel #1 will be released in February.  

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