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Tess Fowler: 'Brian Wood is a DICK'

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, November 13 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Tess Fowler: 'Brian Wood is a DICK'

The cartoonist makes accusations involving the convention hotel room scandal first reported a few weeks ago.

Source: Twitter

Hey, remember a few weeks ago when Bleeding Cool published this article, in which Tess Fowler accused a nameless comic book writer of trying to lure her to his hotel room at a convention and reacting poorly when she declined? A comic book writer who is touted as a feminist, and, according to the accusations, married with with a pregnant wife? Well,it took some research into twitter histories if you wanted to find out who she was talking about, but it just became a whole lot easier:
















The tweets are ongoing, so check it out here.

Here's a screenshot, for posterity:

You may have noticed that Bleeding Cool disabled comments on their original article, most likely because they didn't want to be sued for libel. These are serious accusations. With that in mind, we'll point out that The Outhouse cannot confirm the veracity of these claims. We don't know if they're true. We're simply reporting on what Fowler is saying publicly on Twitter.

We've reached out to both parties for an interview, and will follow up should new information become available. 


UPDATE: Brian Wood has released a statement on the matter.



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