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Brian Wood Responds to Tess Fowler's Accusations

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, November 15 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Brian Wood Responds to Tess Fowler's Accusations

In a statement on his website, Brian Wood has responded to the controversy that has been building for the last several weeks.


Earlier this week, we reported on a series of Tweets from cartoonist Tess Fowler about Brian Wood. You can read that story here.

Wood has issued the following response on his website:

For the last couple weeks I’ve been accused of a lot of very serious things. I feel I have to speak up for myself and for my friends and colleagues who are finding themselves under a sort of scrutiny they don’t deserve. This situation has reached the point where it is affecting people who in no way deserve it, up to and including my family.

Tess Fowler is correct about this: I did make a pass at her at SDCC Hyatt bar roughly 8 years ago. But when she declined, that was the conclusion of the matter for me. There was never a promise of quid pro quo, no exertion of power, no threats, and no revenge. This was at a time in my career when I had very little professional power or industry recognition. The pickup was a lame move, absolutely, and I’ll accept the heat for having done it, but that’s all it was: I liked her, I took a chance, and was shot down. I immediately regretted it, and I apologize to Ms. Fowler for the tackiness and embarrassment of it all.

I’ve kept quiet for these last couple weeks because this is a problematic thing to address without unintended blowback. I didn’t want to appear as if I was simply calling Ms. Fowler a liar, or invite any negative opinion directed back at her. While I believe she is as incorrect as she can be about what my intent and motivations were, there’s no way for this not to devolve into an ugly he-said-she-said situation, amplified to the nth degree by the nature of the internet.

I think the larger issues of abuse in the comics industry are genuine and I share everyone's concerns. As a father to a young daughter showing an interest in making her own comics, I do really care about this stuff. So I don’t want our difference of accounts to take attention away from that industry-wide discussion that needs to happen.

Brian Wood


As with Fowler's statements, we can in no way vouch for the veracity of anything being said, but at least we now have two sides to the story. We'll keep you updated.

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