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Weapon Brown: Possibly The Greatest Kickstarter of All Time

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, November 16 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Weapon Brown: Possibly The Greatest Kickstarter of All Time

Do you like Peanuts? Do you like grim and gritty, post-apocalyptic comics? Does the realization that these two can be mixed together make life worth living? YES!

Ol' Jude Terror REALLY loves him some Peanuts. Don't believe me?


So it both amazes and shames me that I've never heard of Weapon Brown, a post-apocalyptic comic starring... well, some familiar characters:

The apocalyptic Last War has turned the world to cinders… the world of the comics page.

The survivors make their way as best they can, with no regard for human decency. But when a chance to start the world over falls into the hands of Chuck, the wasteland’s bitterest citizen, this cold-hearted killing machine must decide if he doesn’t prefer things just the way they are.

The stars of history’s most beloved comic strips have been cast into the lowest depths of hell, and the future is no place for the wishy-washy.


A Weapon Brown one-shot called A Peanut Scorned was published in 2002 by Death Ray Graphics, and though several of my fellow Outhousers bought it and loved it back then, I somehow missed it (though to be fair, I spent a good deal of the early oughts in a drug-addled haze). Since then, a follow up graphic novel called Blockhead's War has been running in installments on, and now a Kickstarter campaign - one which is already fully funded - is happening to publish both A Peanut Scorned and the first half of Blockhead's War in graphic novel form. In fact, thanks to strech goals and, at current tally, a 199% funded rate, the second half is included as well in one giant, 396 page omnibus.

So if you can read it online, and the Kickstarter is already funded, why should you contribute? For one thing, once you are aware that this exists, I don't see how you can possibly wait another second before ordering a printed copy of it. Second, there are some really cool rewards, like t-shirts, autographed hardcovers, personalized drawings, hand-made pipe cleaner action figures, and even a starring role in a four page Weapon Brown story (this is still unclaimed). Finally, creator Jason Yungbluth keeps adding stretch goals as the project receives more funding. As mentioned above, stretch goals have already turned this from a two-parter into an omnibus, and added a four page holiday themed short story. The project is only $5000 away from reaching the Omega Edition stretch goal, which will see a ton of annotations added to the book so you can find all the Easter eggs.

So I'm gonna give you the opportunity to, right now, go to the Kickstarter page and pledge. You know you want to. Go ahead. We'll wait.

You're back? Great! I hope you pledged at Flash Gordon level or higher. Now then, Jason was nice enough to stop by The Outhouse and answer some questions for us. Here's how that went:


Okay, what the fuck?

No one ever asks me "HOW" the fuck! There are other interrogative adverbs, you know!

What kind of drugs are you on, and where can I get some?

AK-47, and Choochie down the street is sitting on, like, a brick of the shit!

This is already a webcomic?

Yes. Weapon Brown has run as a strip on my website for several years now, as well as have other comics of mine. I've put the chapters out as POD comic books, but the Kickstarter is for the omnibus edition of all that material (and more!)

Is this your first foray into comics? If not, where can readers find some of your past work?

I have been publishing comics for years. My two titles are Deep Fried and Weapon Brown, which you can find folded and wedged underneath the leg of a gaming table at your nearest comic shop, but also in my website's store:

I also cartoon for various magazines, especially MAD. And my "Clarissa" comics (taken from the pages of Deep Fried) are an underground hit online, popping up here and there on Reddit, 4-Chan and other black market cartoon dispensaries.

Are you concerned about copyright issues? Is this protected by parody?

The Schulz Museum and Archive has had copies of Weapon Brown in their collection for ten years, and aside from the damage its radiation is doing to the artwork around it, I haven't heard any complaints.

What do you think Charles Schulz would think of this?

It is widely know that Schulz's original vision for Peanuts was as a surrealist tract for advancing anarcho-syndicalism, so I think he'd be okay with it.

The project is already funded, right? So what now?

Like Walter White, I will only be satisfied when I have a palette of cash bigger than a king-sized mattress waiting for me in a storage unit. In the meantime I continue to add stretch goals. I am now shooting to fund a hardcover annotated edition of Weapon Brown, and the fans seem really enthusiastic about it.

Seriously man, what the fuck?

No more questions! This interview is over! WHERE'S MY CRACK PIPE?!?


If that wasn't enough awesome for you, check out this trailer for Weapon Brown, and then head to the kickstarter and contribute (for a second time, because I know you listened to me above and pledged before reading the interview). You will be a lesser person in my eyes if you don't.

Look for an advance review of Weapon Brown from the Outhouse sometime soon.

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