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Shuster Heirs Lose Superman Appeal, WB Free to Make More Bad Superman Movies

Written by ThanosCopter on Friday, November 22 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Shuster Heirs Lose Superman Appeal, WB Free to Make More Bad Superman Movies

Many consider the Superman rights lawsuit to be finished.

Source: Comics Beat

The Ninth Circuit court ruled against Joe Shuster's heirs in a last ditch appeal to claim ownership of Superman from Warner Bros.  The ruling all but ended a series of lawsuits between Warner Bros and the families of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to determine who owned the rights of the character, and paved the way for WB to retain ownership of the characters for the forseeable future. 

In a brief statement, WB praised the court for the ruling and promised to honor Siegel and Shuster's beloved Superman character by making another Man of Steel movie featuring widespread destruction, murder and an inability by Superman to save a single citizen in danger.  "We're looking forward to showcasing the character in Man of Steel: I Like My Knight Like I Like My Coffee," the statement read.  "And we plan to acknowledge the original creators' contributions by having Superman descecrate their graves as he destroys the city of Cleveland in a slow motion battle against ." 

Fans of Superman were thrilled about the ruling, as it meant that Superman would remain one of DC's central characters for years to come.  "Given the dearth of fantastic Superman stories DC has published in the last decade, I feel really comfortable with this ruling," said self-proclaimed biggest Superman fan Harry Cornwall.  "Now we can look forward to decades worth of quality Superman stories by the likes of Scott Lobdell and J. Michael Straczynski."

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