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Guillem March Responds to Superman/Wonder Woman Cover Controversy

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, December 01 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Guillem March Responds to Superman/Wonder Woman Cover Controversy

Surprise: you're wrong.

Ol' Jude Terror has been taking it easy* over the long holiday weekend, but I'm always watching you, internet, mostly in hopes that someone will mention my name somewhere and I can revel in the attention. And so, I was quite pleased last night to find an article on Bleeding Cool covering Guillem March's response to fandom's reaction to his horrific post-coital Superman/Wonder Woman #3 cover:

We've seen worse.


BC's chief rumormonger and fellow megalomaniac Rich Johnston was kind enough to include a  quote in the build-up from yours truly, from an article titled Rob Liefeld's Art Is Improving: Superman/Wonder Woman #3 Variant Cover:

Notice post-coital Superman, who must have expended a lot of “energy” here judging by the super-stain on his pants, is absorbing solar radiation to “recharge,” while Wonder Woman appears to have visited Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon for a nose job, and had her eyes replaced with those of a Japanese anime sex doll.


Heh. I really am a shit-talking asshole. Well, at least I wear it well.

In any case, people also took issue with Wonder Woman's left leg, which, in addition to some awful coloring that makes it look like she's applied way too much spray tan in a failed attempt to cover up the unsightly bruising in her pubic area, appears to have an ankle attached directly to the thigh. In any case, this was apparently done on purpose, as March pointed out on his blog:

Thanks to all the people that liked this cover. For those of you who have been complaining about WW´s leg (I don´t know which one), below you can see how a muscled female leg looks like (Google woman+leg+muscle, it´s easy).


Oh, Guillem, Guillem, Guillem. What you were looking for there was the ol' LMGTFY. Here's the picture he posted as an example:

Look! The painting in the background of the picture on the right shows the bottom half of Wonder Woman's leg from the cover!


So there you have it. That female leg is just "muscled," and anyway, he doesn't even know which leg you're all talking about. Just taking a guess, you know? Guessing it's that one where the knee is smaller than her elbow. That's probably the one. But there's nothing wrong with that one, so it could be the other one. March has no idea. So stop letting your sexist objectification of the female form cause you to unfairly judge March's true-to-life depiction of a strong, muscled woman who has had her calf amputated, shrunken to one third of its natural size, and then surgically attached to the thigh of a svelte Wonder Woman.

Perhaps next time, March will just crop the knee out entirely to avoid all this hullaballoo, just like he cropped the copyright watermark out of that picture that he found in the aforementioned easy Google search:

How come my glutes never look that good in a thong?


Glad we got that cleared up. I now return you to your regularly scheduled Xaraan articles.


* - eaten himself into a coma-like state

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