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I Guess Someone Should Write This Up: Uncanny Avengers Press Conference

Written by GHERU on Monday, December 02 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

I Guess Someone Should Write This Up: Uncanny Avengers Press Conference

Seriously, does anyone still care about this book?


RU: Anyone on the Remender press conference thing?
Jeremy: No, I'm heading up to get some lunch, Blue at meeting, Jude on way home
RU: Fuck me, I'll try and be funny when it’s over.


So, yea, Rick Remender and Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort held a special press conference that The Outhouse, your one stop shop for all things serious, wasn’t invited to (can’t imagine why) regarding the future of Uncanny Avengers, a book that, up until last week, I had completely forgotten about.

Fair warning, there be spoilers below.

Holy mother of G-d, even reading CBR’s account of the press conference makes no damn sense!

After introductions by Marvel PR Guru Christopher D'Lando, Remender discussed what it was like working with incoming artist Steve McNiven

Oh, goodie, because the book needs a slow artist

“The dude is insanely talented," said Remender. "We've had a string of brilliant artists and I think there's something about Steve where you know something big and epic is happening in the Marvel Universe. ... Basically, he's one of those guys who hits every single criteria for superstar.”

That’s fair. He’s slow, wishes he was working in movies more, and loves him some splash pages.

“Brevoort described Remender's story as "big." "Why just Kang when you can have Kang and Stryfe and Iron Man 2020 and Doom 2099 -- why would you stop with just Kang?”

Good News: DOOM 2099!

Bad news: He’ll be in Uncanny Avengers.

"I feel upset for Wonder Man because nobody was upset that he died," Brevoort continued.

Isn’t this like the 18th time he’s died?

“The Unity Squad was a fragile entity to begin with, and Remender stated that the unity of it all "had not been earned" and "didn't feel natural" after the events of "AvX." "My instinct was to continue to shatter and break," said Remender..”

WOW, that’s cool, I mean, no one has tried to shatter and break the heroes of the Marvel universe in like…

“Between 'Civil War' and 'Schism' and 'AvX' and all these events we've had with heroes fighting heroes –“

…a whole month!

As for the characters depicted on the "Uncanny Avengers" #18.NOW variant, Remender said the conclusion of "Ragnarok Now" is "pretty shocking"

Shocking would be if it had any lasting effect on anything ever.

"some form of a mutant home world established in space."

Like Asteroid M?

"Issue #14 is the feel-good issue!" said Remender.

I know I was happy to see the Wasp die fer realz….again.

“Wasp's increased role in the book is partially due to Remender's experience growing up with the character leading the Avengers.”

HA! That’s funny! Remender using continuity and character growth that happened before him in his books! Marvel, you crack me up! Now, where is that hobo piss I was supposed to drown in when the internet complained that Remender didn’t do any of this in regards to Havok?

“It leads to her making decisions that put her in an interesting predicament. ... Wasp is a huge part of the story, I don't want to give away too much,”

You mean giving away too much beyond that she’s not dead?

“Rogue has also been in a "deep depression" since the death of Charles Xavier in "Avengers Vs. X-Men," according to Remender, and the lack of trust she had of the Scarlet Witch is demonstrative of the lack of actual unity on the Unity Squad.”

Yea, because Xavier dying is the reason Rogue doesn’t trust the mass murderer that is Wanda.

"Ragnarok Now" has been building since the days of "Uncanny X-Force," but the original plans for those stories aren't exactly the same as the one that's been reworked for "Uncanny Avengers."

"Had Rick done another year of 'X-Force,' these are not the stories he would have told," said Brevoort. "That said, there are roots to and backgrounds that go back to 'X-Force' and other things that go back to Rick's cannon."

This kinda makes me not ever want to re-read his X-Force

"The story is very different,"

As in one was fantastic and the other one is a ham-fisted mess of “look how shocking and interesting I can be”?

Maybe I’m in a bad mood. Maybe it’s because writing this up reminded me how disappointed I was in the first six ($24 worth of) issues of Uncanny Avengers, but even reading CBR’s bruised knees coverage did nothing to make me want to actually read an issue of Uncanny Avengers. In fact, all it really did was make me want to go home and re-read DOOM 2099.


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