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Mark Millar Launches Starlight at Image Comics, The First Book in a New Shared Universe

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, December 03 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Mark Millar Launches Starlight at Image Comics, The First Book in a New Shared Universe

What classic comic book cliche will Millar put a twist on for this soon-to-be blockbuster film?!

Source: THR

The latest world-conquering plans of esteemed Scotsman Mark Millar were revealed by The Hollywood Reporter yesterday as the Kick-Ass writer announced a new series, Starlight, which will kick off a new shared comics universe for Millar's creations, joining the previously annoucned MPH. Billed as Flash Gordon meets The Dark Knight, Starlight will be drawn by Punisher artist Goran Parlov and star a cosmic hero who saved the world decades ago, returned to Earth, started a family, and got old. Of course, he'll be pulled back in for one more adventure. Presumably, someone's gonna get raped, decapitated, or both.

On THR, Millar described it like this:

'N' then that auld, sparky, Buster Crabbe-era rocket ship comes back 'n' needs him fur yin lest adventure. Tis Buzz Lightyear meets Unforgiven ah jalouse 'n' a've bin motoring thro' it fur months, pure haein a guid time wi' it.


Back when Millar announced MPH, this is what he told ComicBookResources:

Th' idea behind MPH is th' beginnings o' an entire Millarworld universe. Marvel kicked hings aff in th' sixties wi' 'Fantastic Four,' 'n' we waant this book tae be as significant fur th' Millarworld line. This is th' foremaist o' mony books planned ower th' neist five years or sae wi' th' biggest artists in th' comic-book business 'n' tis a superhero book set richt 'ere, richt noo in th' real world. Tis nae Marvel or th' Dc universe or ony o' th' worlds we ken 'n' loue fae picter-hoose thae days. 


Millar obviously considered MPH important, since he took so long to get it off the ground that this new book is actually beating it to the shelves. Also, unless he's extremely obese or nine feet tall, we're not sure Goran Parlov qualifies as one of "th' biggest artists in th' comic-book business," but he's certainly talented. In any case, at The Outhouse, we like to dig deeper into the story than lesser media outlets, even if that means just making shit up. With that in mind, we obtained more quotes from the elusive Millar. We couldn't understand a word of it, but maybe you'll have better luck:

This is basically howfur ah write a' mah comics. Ah basically juist tak' a standard concept 'n' add an unexpected twist. Wi' Kick-Ass, ah asked, whit if spider-man wis a wimpy, teenage dork? Wi' Nemesis, ah asked, whit if Batman wis th' Joker? Noo, a'm saying, whit if Flash Gordan wis the Dark Knight? Dae ye ken? That's a' ah dae. Then ah mak' a a bahookie load o' cash fae a movie deal.

I've git a million o' thaim. Whit if Superman wis Wonder Woman? Whit if Spider-Man wis bitten by a bedbug? Whit if daredevil hud a bum knee? Whit if James Bond wis an astronaut? That's mah secret formula. Whit if peanut butter wis jelly? Whit if a dug wis a moggie? Whit if Conan th' Barbarian wis a rodeo clown, 'n' instead o' a boaby 'n' baws he hud twa arseholes, yin in th' front 'n' yin in th' back? That's howfur ah dae it. Multi-million dollar movie deal, easy. Awright, back that dosh truck up tae mah hoose! Ah hae a million o' thae.


Well, alright then.

The first issue of Starlight, a six issue miniseries, will hit store shelves in March, and the next title in Millar's new universe, a tale of two Detroit teenagers who discover a drugs that grants them super speed powers titled MPH, will follow in May. The second issue of each will arrive sometime in 2017, a year after the movie adaptations.


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