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Sexism in Comics: The Saga Continues

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, December 20 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Sexism in Comics: The Saga Continues

Two new sexism stories hit the net today, and you should take a moment to read about them.

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The Outhouse, along with a large portion of the comics media and fandom, recently vowed to try to work together to facilitate an ongoing discussion about sexism in comics, the industry, and fandom. It's with that goal in mind that we're sharing two new accounts that popped up on the internet today.

The first comes from creator MariNaomi, who wrote of her experience at the Prism Comics panel at Long Beach Comic Con late last month, in which a fellow panel guest repeatedly made jokes and comments that made her feel uncomfortable. You can read her story here. Here's an excerpt:

At the moderator’s request, I describe my comic about the first time I was attracted to a woman. It happened when I was nineteen, as I watched a co-worker eat a mango. Not knowing what to do with all my new feelings, I ran home and ate a bunch of mangoes. It was a sexual awakening, but I consider the story innocent.

DB interjects loudly, vying for the attention I haven’t been giving him.

This is the point he has gone too far.


Though MariNaomi kept the name of the person anonymous, it didn't take long for Scott Lobdell to announce that he was the pro in question, and issue an apology to The Beat:

First and foremost and without any conditions I would like to formally and publicly apologize for offending a fellow comic book creator.

I am also sorry because if I had realized my failed attempt at humor had offended MariNaomi or her husband in the moment that I made those statements, I would have certainly apologized in then and not have left her to feel victimized in the hours and days that followed.

I am particularly saddened because I was completely blown away by not only her talent as both a writer and artist, but more importantly by the fact she was using her talent to speak so openly and freely about her own life experiences and how they informed the artist that she is today. As someone who has only ever written super heroes, I marvel at the type of courage it takes for someone to put their whole life out on paper (or blogs) for the world to see.

Finally I am sorry that my presence on the panel caused her experience to be anything other than a celebration of her work. MariNaomi deserved more than that.


The only comment we'll make here is that MariNaomi did express wishes in the comments of her article that her report not provoke a witch hunt.

In addition, The Comics Journal published an article by an anonymous female cartoonist discussing a letter she received from a male admirer that she felt was inappropriate. Read the full account here. Here's an excerpt:

And there are struggles. I would be a fool to deny that. I face the same anxieties as many of my male counterparts, but the difference is that once in a while something kind of gross happens: a weird pass is made, a sexist comment is said, someone checks me out, or some creep corners me at an art opening. Those are the real challenges of being a woman doing ANYTHING.

This morning I received a fan letter that crossed the Atlantic Ocean just to bum me out.


Please do go and read the full accounts for yourself, and feel free to share your thoughts below.

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