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[Nobody] Will Stop Me from Kicking Cully Hamner's Ass and Other Awesome Quotes From Jason Pearson's Facebook Page

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, December 22 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

[Nobody] Will Stop Me from Kicking Cully Hamner's Ass and Other Awesome Quotes From Jason Pearson's Facebook Page

Why wait for your family's Holiday dinner to experience awe-inspiring drama uncomfortably aired in front of a wider audience than necessary?

Source: Facebook

Last night, we were alerted to some drama on the interwebs involving artist Jason Pearson with the following tip:

You up on this feud between these two? Pearson is flipping the fuck out on Facebook about hamner and gaijin Studio. Says he's done with both.


It took us a while to track it down, but if you visit Jason Pearson's facebook page (and NOT the Jason Pearson Art page, which was confusingly devoid of drama), you'll find this treasure trove of awesomeness, beginning with a post by Dave Johnson that tagged Cully Hamner and Jason Pearson:

Ever wondered what it was like at Gaijin Studios during the early days with Me, Cully Hamner, Jason Pearson, Tony Effing Harris, Adam Hughes, Brian Stelfreeze, Joe Phillips and Karl Story?

This will give you a clue.


To get you up to speed, here's the Wikipedia entry for Gaijin Studios:

Gaijin Studios was a group of American comic book artists formed in Atlanta, Georgia. It was one of the longest-running collectives of freelance comic book artists in the United States, in continuous operation for nineteen years, from 1991 to 2010. It has long been considered by many in the comics industry to be an influential training ground for some of the more prominent creators of the 1990s and 2000s, perhaps most notably Brian Stelfreeze (Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Matador), Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman, Tomb Raider), Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle, Detective Comics/The Question, Red), Jason Pearson (Legion of Super-Heroes, Body Bags), Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son, 100 Bullets), Tony Harris (Starman, Ex Machina), Karl Story (Aliens vs. Predator, Batman), Georges Jeanty (Gambit, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight), and Laura Martin (Thor (Marvel Comics), Secret Invasion, The Stand).[1] Its core roster consisted of Stelfreeze, Hamner, and Story during most of that time.

On April 1, 2010, Gaijin Studios announced that after almost nineteen years, they would be closing the studio for the foreseeable future, calling it an "indefinite hiatus,".[2] Although the possibility of a future, reconstituted studio was left a possibility, as of this writing, it has not come to pass.

Okay? All caught up? So a merry comment thread began, which Cully Hamner was participating in. All of a sudden, Pearson made this post:

Ask me about Gaijin and it will be different from Cully's.



Cully Hamner was never part of the true crew. Fuck him and his two faced ways. Ask how he stole money from his own roommates back in '98.


Johnson tried to calm it down:

Jason: Let it go, bro. Seriously. Any beef I've had from the Gaijin past, I've squashed. Maybe you should too. Just saying.


But to no avail:

Fuck that Dave, you should've heard the shit Cully said about you after you left


So Pearson started a new thread:

Cully Hamner was never part of the true Gaijin Studios crew. Fuck him and his two faced ways. Ask how he stole money from his own roommates (Adam Hughes and Chris Donio) back in '98.


Some tried to get him to stop, like former Chicago White Sox third basemen Bill Melton (actually, probably not that Bill Melton):

Well Cully was the one who invited me to visit a Gaijin in the early 90's. Cully was the one who spent his time introducing me to Brian and Karl and you. Cully was the one who took the time to see talent in a gawky kid showing his work at Dragoncon and introduce him to people who changed the entire career course. I'll always be indebted to Cully for the fact that by his actions Brian taught me layout and color theory. If that's not the definition of being a true member of Gaijin then I'm not sure what would be. No disrespect but this seems a bit sour.


But Pearson was having none of that:

Well Bill, I'm glad Cully was 'your' friend. He wasn't mine. [...] To Bill, I was a founding member of Gaijin. So you don't have a clue, so stay the 'F' out. [...] And I was there for 8 years. [...] Stay indebted, Bill to Cully. I won't.


Even Rich Johnston tried to calm him down (who are you, and what have you done with the real Rich Johnston?!):

That's simple..Fucck him...You tha man... he'll get his...continue to roll continue to roll a bad mother f***** you are


Pearson continued:

Dave Johnson, Tony Effing Harris, Joe Phillips, Brian Stelfreeze, and Adam Hughes won't save Cully Hamner from me kicking his ass after the shit he said about me after I left the studio.


And more people jumped in, including Tony Harris:

Weeeell, howdee-doo! Jus'chillin' painting, and my phone tells me that Jason Pearson, once again, is talking shit about me. Last time this happened, Dave Johnson, called to tell me you were telling me to fuck off, along with some other Gaijin Alumn, but didnt tag me in the post. I think that was the first time you threatened Cully Hamner. Anyway, I think you are fucked up J. You NEED to see someone, a profressional if there is a God. And why you tagged me in this shitty ass thread is beyond me. When I left Gaijin, it was a COLD departure, to be sure. Every mother fucker in that Bullpen, turned their backs and went back to "Work" while I packed my shit to leave. Everyone except you. You got up from your desk, and began to help me load my pitiful belongings into the U-Haul truck. I was grateful. Then, as I was about to leave, you shook my hand, and said.. and I quote ( because it was burned into my mind ) " Hey Tony, if you need ANYTHING, someone to talk to, or some cash to see you through, whatever, gimme a call and I'll be there." This was just after I was released from the Hospital and had lost everything. You were the ONLY one J. Please stop lumping me in with your Hate Baggage. I dont deserve it.


Dave Johnson again:

Jason: Maybe you forgot, but we ALL talked shit about each other in that studio. WHILE we where in the studio. Somebody would leave the room and the shit talking would start. You where guilty of it as well. All of us did it. But that was a LOOOONG time ago. I held on to that shit for a long time. But it's all BS now.


Steve Niles:

Jason - I've been were you are, I think. You're clearly in deep trouble because you are swinging outward instead of reaching inside. Nothing can be solved by blaming others for our problems. I did the same thing once upon a time. I raged and I blamed others for where I was in life. Then I sobered up and faced the fact that ALL problems begin and end with me. Cully Hamner is a good man. Plain and simple. No matter what problems you have I know Cully has the heart and integrity to deal with it. Please consider what I'm saying here, man. Maybe it's time to work on you before you blame others. I did and it changed my life.


Pearson kept posting:

Fuck it! I held the silence for too long. Cully Hamner is dead to me. Ask him about the bullshit between me, him and Gaijin. And then ask me.



And posting:

Too earlier comments about Cully Hamner. It depends on personal and physical confrontation. Otherwise on Facebook, I have nothing to do with the muthafucka.



And posting, clarifying that when he said no one stop him from kicking Cully Hamner's ass, he meant... metaphorically?

I have no intentions of physically harming Cully Hamner. But the bastard is dead to me otherwise. Gaijin Studios, which Cully is a part of, is done as well.

Good night



Got that, Cully Hamner?

Any differences that Cully Hamner has to say, he better say to my face.



Alright then:

On a different note from last night, did anybody see the newest Hobbit movie "the desolation of Smaug"? Was it any good?


Ladies and gentlemen, this is why the internet is awesome. From zero to "come at me, bro" to "I'm not coming at you bro, unless you want me to come at you bro, in which case come at me bro" to "howdya like The Hobbit" in under 24 hours. We hope these two kids can work out their differences. Perhaps airing grievances at the holidays is cathartic.

Hamner's Facebook page appears to be private (you can do that?), so we don't know if he responded to any of this. We'll check into it (I.E. Rich Johnston will report on it eventually) and then we'll keep you updated.


UPDATE: Pearson had one more comment, letting everyone know that, while he doesn't regret what he said, he's done now that he got it out:

As to last night's tirade of anger, let me clear up some things that might relieve everybody of some confusion.

For 8 years, I was part of an art studio named Gaijin Studios. I was an integral chapter of it and it was integral chapter of my life story. Yet when, I left in 1999, I continuously hear, from conventions and online, about how I've been dismissed as just a footnote (particularly from Cully).

For fifteen years since, I kept quiet and downplayed any feelings of resentment from it. Everybody who knows me, knows I'm a passionate person but there is a thin line between passion and hate. What poured out last night onto Facebook was pure hatred.

While, I give no apologies for what was said, as I feel that it was needed to be said, I wish to give to Facebook, to you and to the future, is love and art. Let's say it's my New Year resolution. Time will tell otherwise.

To all my family and friends



That comment has received more than 50 likes in the last hour, showing everyone is glad to see the situation calming down.


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