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Man of Steel 2 to Screw Up Beloved Comic Backstories Even More?

Written by Jeremy Shane on Monday, January 06 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Man of Steel 2 to Screw Up Beloved Comic Backstories Even More?

Batman-on-Film answers questions on Batman vs Superman like they know what's up, including offering up a Kryptonian Wonder Woman.

Source: Batman-On-Film

Probably not.

This latest bit of "news" on the Man of Steel sequel Batman vs Superman (or whatever they decide to call it) doesn't come from Warner Bros., so is far from official, but it does come from a site with a pretty good track record for Batmovie scoops: Batman-on-Film.  If true, there is some very interesting pieces of information here, however the writer isn't revealing leaked info throughout his article, just telling fans what he thinks WB may do.


Wonder Woman  

The most interesting piece of info that caught my eye was the bit about Amazonians (Wonder Woman):

With all that said, I’d bet a year’s pay – in MONOPOLY money, of course – that the “Amazons” of this cinematic DCU will be descendants of those “ancient Kryptonians” who attempted to set up Kryptonian outposts throughout spacedom thousands and thousands of years ago. Furthermore, I say that Wonder Woman will be powered-down, if you will, relative to Superman because these Amazons have evolved and adapted to living on Earth for hundreds of centuries.

Just because Wonder Woman snapped Max Lord's neck in the comics doesn't mean she has to have Kryptonian blood.  Seriously though, I hope people realize this is just what he is thinking they will do, not insider info from any sources.  If they went this route however, it really wouldn't shock me based on decisions so far dealing with the first Man of Steel movie.  He also says he expects Gal Gadot to have a small part in the movie, similar to the role Black Widow played in Iron Man 2.



They also say that it's a sure thing that Lex will be in the movie, even though he hasn't been confirmed by Warner Bros. yet, but that he won't be the only villain.

And sorry, I'm not at liberty to reveal the ID of the other villain at this time...but the character is highly rumored to be in the film.

You would think that might narrow it down some, but with all the rumors flying around on this film it only cuts the list down a little.  Though Doomsday and Metallo probably lead the pack, and they say there will not be any Bat-villain's in the movie.




They expect an image of Ben Affleck as Batman to be out soon with principal photography starting.  He also makes reference to "bat-armor" throughout answers, so we may see a bulkier version of armor for him to fight Superman with ala Miller's The Dark Knight.

I don’t think he’ll play Batman forever (pun kinda intended). If I had to guess, I’d say 5: BvS, 3 solo Batman films, and another DC team-up movie.

The version of Batman they expect to show up on screen will be similar to the recent Nolan version with a bit of Kingdom Come Batman mixed in (this probably alludes to Snyder's remarks about a more aged Batman).



Justice League

As to the question about whether this is turning into a Justice League movie instead of Man of Steel 2, they say 'nope.'   Superman will be the star of the movie and don't expect to see characters rumored like Martian Manhunter or Aquaman.  They also don't believe we'll see any crossover with tv-characters like Arrow.

Batman vs Superman is first and foremost a Superman film.




The Facts so Far on Man of Steel 2

With all the rumors going around about this movie (more than most others it seems) one of our forum members (syxxpakk) posted a rundown of the only official info about the sequel so far and we thought it might be a good idea to start keeping a running tab of official news at the bottom of these crazy rumor articles.


•  Henry Cavill and Amy Adams will return for the sequel (along with Diane Lane and Lawrence FIshburne), Snyder is returning to direct.

•  Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman

•  Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman

•  There is no official title yet despite Warners registering several

•  Argo writer Chris Terrio polishing final draft of David Goyer's script


And that's really it so far.  News about The Rock's deal with WB is not connected to Man of Steel 2 yet, and news about Luthor is probably accurate but not officially confirmed.  If you want to look at all the crazy rumors floating around about this movie so far, just take a look at the rundown here.


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