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Image Awakens from Winter Hibernation, Sends Invincible Teaser

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, January 06 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Image Awakens from Winter Hibernation, Sends Invincible Teaser

Though still groggy from a long winter's nap, the comic book publisher was able to send out a teaser for what may be an Invincible relaunch!

Source: Press Release

Until today, Image Comics hadn't sent us an email since December 19th. Normally, we would handle this type of situation with all the grace of an insecure teenager in his first relationship, sending Image hundreds of text messages and voicemails (do kids still use voicemails) letting them know we're trying to get in touch with them, in case they tried to call and got a busy signal because we were leaving them a message. But we played it cool this time (we're learning!), and things paid off, because Image just sent us a real whopper of a teaser.

Well, at least we think it could be, if we're reading it right. The teaser, titled BOLD, promises a "first issue in a bold new direction," and features a blacked out figure that looks a lot like Invincible. Is Image relaunching Invincible with a new number one? Even better. We think they're relaunching with a TRIPLE #1 - that's Invincible #111 to be precise, due out in April. What have Image got planned for this triple milestone super collectible issue?! Feel free to speculate, but we should find out at the on Thursday.

Thanks for sending us the teaser, Image. Now come here, baby. Let us show you how much we missed you...

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