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Image Trolling Marvel Again With Bold and Startling Invincible Relaunch Teasers

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, January 07 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Image Trolling Marvel Again With Bold and Startling Invincible Relaunch Teasers

Other comics websites still seem to be having trouble grasping the joke though.

Source: Press Release

Yesterday, Image began sending out teasers for "the 1st issue in a bold new direction" for Invincible. The teasers coincide with issue #111 of the long-running Robert Kirkman series, following the solicitation for issue #110, which simply reads: "All good things must come to an end." This has sent the comics media into a frenzy of speculation over whether or not the series will be relaunched with a new number one, but The Outhouse is pretty sure we had it right the moment we first saw the teaser: Image is trolling the shit out of Marvel. It's something they've done before. Numerous times. The use of single adjectives, the implication that the book will get a new #1 issue, and the fact that the actual number is #111, three times the #1s, are all point to an epic troll on Marvel and their constant relaunching of series and their stupid single-word teasers.

Invincible is NOT actually being relaunched with a new #1 (though the series may indeed have a bold new direction as part of a startling new era). Image is simply flaunting their upstart status with irreverence in the face of their corporate competitors. It kinda reminds us of... us.

So Image, great job, as usual, not only trolling Marvel, but doing it while simultaneously publishing better comics than them.

Comics media, get a fucking grip.

We'll find out if Ol' Jude Terror is right (I am) at the Image Expo on Thursday.

Here's the two teasers so far:

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