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Coherent Star Wars Canon Being Mapped by Lucasfilm Story Group

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, January 08 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Coherent Star Wars Canon Being Mapped by Lucasfilm Story Group

If you're feeling a disturbance in the force, it maybe due to this story that threatens bits of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Ever since the Disney purchase of the Star Wars property and the announcement that the Mouse would be continuing the franchise, die-hard fans have been living in fear that the new overlords will wipe away everything in the Expanded Universe to make room for all the lens flare that will be in the JJ Abrams trilogy.

Though this hasn't been officially confirmed by anyone in Disney,  what is left of Lucasfilm, a story editor, Leland Chee, has been answering questions via his Twitter. Die hard fans may want to sit down before reading these tweets, because they talk about restructuring the Star Wars Universe.






So what does this mean? Well, the Story Group of Lucasfilm will be responsible for what's in continuity and what is not in all of the Star Wars media (television, video games, books, comics, and of course film), all in an attempt to build one cohesive continuity, replacing the "leveled" canon that existed before.

In some ways, this could be a good thing, as Star Wars canon is so complicated it requires its own Wikipedia article. On the other hand, this will mean the removing of anything that conflicts with or hinders the new films or the Word of George Lucas himself, which won't always result in choices that please fans (see: Han, Shooting First).

The only thing left to do is wait and see what is culled and what remains as we move closer not only to JJ Abrams directed Episode VII but the spin-off films as well? All this reporter has to say on the matter is, if they take out the Thrawn Trilogy, there's gonna be a riot.




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