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Discussion: Alan Moore's 'Last' Interview

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, January 12 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Discussion: Alan Moore's 'Last' Interview

Moore addresses longstanding accusations about his use of rape and sexual violence in his work and slams Grant Morrison, critics, comics, comics fans, Victorians, and the middle classes before 'retiring' from 'comics scene' interviews.

It's been a busy week, but if you haven't read it yet, take about two hours and go check out "The Last Alan Moore Interview." It's an extremely wordy response by Moore to critics, particularly addressing claims that he overuses rape and sexual violence in his work, and complaints about his use of racial stereotypes.

Did we mention it's really long? It's really long.

Moore absolutely rips on Grant Morrison in the interview (Heidi MacDonald compiled a list of the top seven burns here), saying that not only has he told any publishers that have published Morrison's work not to contact him, but that he would like friends of Morrison and sites and publications that have published interviews with Morrison to leave him alone as well. This passage in particular amused me, just for how sick the burns are:

Why would I conceivably want to be the friend of someone who had never even previously been an acquaintance, whom I’d only previously ever met when he inveigled his way into a meal with associates in order to see if I could help him with his career, and who had subsequently orchestrated a campaign of abuse for the self-confessed purpose of making himself “famous” without recourse to anything difficult like effort or ability? When I raised these questions, it was suggested that Grant Morrison himself might argue that he was just being “a bit Johnny Rotten; a bit Punk Rock”, to which I pointed out that as far as I was aware John Lydon hails from a working class background, and that by his own admission Grant Morrison had spent most of the Punk era in his room for fear of being spoken to roughly by some uncouth person with a pink Mohawk and a U.K. Subs t-shirt. I’m afraid I didn’t see how appealing to completely unearned teen rebel credentials made any difference to the spoiled-child behaviour of a deeply unpleasant middle-aged man, and therefore once more declined the invitation to whisk him off to my Bat-cave so that we could solve mysteries together, perhaps in todger-revealing tights. I remained bewildered as to what kind of person could have made such overtures, deciding that if it wasn’t an extreme case of parentally-encouraged entitlement then it might possibly be something like clinical narcissism, shading into actual delusion. In either instance, this was evidently someone who I didn’t want anywhere near me, and who I could never have any reason to notice or take an interest in if he wasn’t, metaphorically speaking, continually masturbating on my doorstep.



Moore's responses clock in at over 16,000 words, and he addresses not only the questions of the interviewer, but every similar accusation that's ever been made against him. Moore then says that he went through all this trouble because he never plans to answer the questions ever again, and will, in fact mostly retire from interviews about comics or the comics scene. He has some unkind (but not entirely unfair) assessments of superhero comics and their fans, as well as the comics media and some journalists in particular.

It's clear that Moore put a lot of thought into his response, to the point that any kind of analysis I could attempt to apply to it in this article would pale in comparison. That's not to say I agree or disagree fully with him. I just don't have the time or motivation to devote to responding to it a meaningful way (and my thoughts on the matter don't really matter more than whatever you come up with on your own anyway). Let's just pretend I made a bunch of incredibly witty jokes about his beard and his magick and we all laughed. What  I will say is that Moore certainly makes compelling cases, whether he is right or wrong, and his takedowns of his adversaries are entertaining, whether or not they are accurate.

I highly advise that you give the whole thing a read, possibly a few times, which will take considerably more effort than you're probably used to giving things on the internet. It's worth it though. After you have, feel free to join in the discussion below, which was begun by Outhouser PDH a few days ago on our message boards. I'm going to attach this article to that discussion as a way of inviting our front page readers to join in or observe it. Sorry for hijacking your thread, PDH.

It should also be noted, as Outhouse monarch Lord Simian points out below, that The Outhouse has never published an interview with Grant Morrison, nor do we expect him to pay any attention to us in the near future, so we are as of this time eligible to interview Alan Moore. So if anyone is in contact with him, tell him to call us, or contact us on the astral plane, or whatever it is he does.


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