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Adair Launches Coup at The Beat

Written by Elf With a Gun on Wednesday, January 15 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Adair Launches Coup at The Beat

Shocking the comics world, The Beat features an article about comic books.

Blog readers were stunned this morning when an article about comic books appeared on The Beat. Written by Contributing Editor Torsten Adair, the article "Looking Sideways Into the Future: What I Noticed in Comics in 2013 and the Years Ahead" was an excellent, thoughtful, and well-reasoned examination of the year in review, how it impacted both comics creators and readers, and what the future might hold.

Totally made up sources tell us that this shocking departure from The Beat's regular coverage, (which mostly consists of updates from Editor-In-Chief Heidi MacDonald on the status of her computer, the New York City-centric Comics Art Brooklyn, and obscure cartoonists you've never heard of, and will probably never read unless they get hired by Marvel or DC) is the result of a non-violent attempted coup by Adair and other Beat staffers.

"I like the change," said a long-time comics reader, when asked for comment. "Every time I go to The Beat, I end up feeling bad because all I want to see are more of Power Girl's boobs, and they say that's wrong. Or I get bored because all they're talking about are sales numbers, and distribution, and the synergy between comic books and social justice. So, I hope they'll talk more about comics and also Power Girl's boobs."

Adair and the other Beat staffers did not comment before press time, because we didn't bother to contact them. But our totally made up sources tell us that more content change is to come, including new variations of The Beat's popular holiday series, beginning with 31 Days of Arbor Day.   

More to come... 

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