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And Nobody Notices: Kyle Higgins Off Nightwing

Written by Zechs on Thursday, January 16 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

And Nobody Notices: Kyle Higgins Off Nightwing

Due to the mass celebration of Scott Lobdell leaving Teen Titans, nobody noticed Kyle Higgins is also leaving Nightwing as of #29.

With all the celebration in Munchkinland over one writer leaving a book, another departure almost slipped under the radar. Kyle Higgins will be writing his final issue of Nightwing in March with #29. The writer confirmed the news via his Facebook this morning. Here's what he said:


So here’s something I’ve put off writing for a while. On Tuesday, DC solicits for April 2014 hit. They’ll introduce a new creative team on NIGHTWING which, sadly, I won’t be a part of.


It’s a weird feeling to leave the book after almost three years, and even though I would love nothing more than to write Dick Grayson for another fifty or sixty issues, it’s time to move on. (In that spirit, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 and C.O.W.L…two of the books I am currently working on, which are also-- both in their own way-- helping to curb the Grayson withdrawal :-)


I’ve talked many times about my love for Nightwing. He was the hero I grew up with, the book that got me collecting, and the inspiration for my first film. For all those reasons, I had a lot of reservations about launching his New 52 series. What if I wasn’t good enough? What if DC wouldn’t let me tell the stories I wanted? What if people hated it? What if I hated it?


As much pressure as I felt about doing DG justice, the truth is there’s very little I ever could have done to break him. He’s an amazing character who’s been around for almost seventy five years and will still be around long after I’m gone. Instead of thinking about what I’ve been able to do for DG, I’ve found it much better to think about what DG has been able to do for me. In that regard, I’ll only ever be able to look at my time on Nightwing and smile. Why?


Because Dick Grayson made me a better writer.


So, with that, I want to thank Mike Marts for championing me, Scott Snyder for believing in me, Jen Aprahamian, Ryan Parrott, Alec Siegel, Michael Nie, James Tynion, Brian Buccellato, and Brad Bode for supporting me, Eddy Barrows, Rod Reis, Trevor McCarthy, Geraldo Borges, Andres Guinaldo, Juan Jose Ryp, Brett Booth, Will Conrad, Jason Masters, and Russell Dauterman for inspiring me, and finally-- to every single Dick Grayson fan out there who bought the book and gave me the chance to live out a dream… issues 28and 29 are for you. You guys are amazing and I owe you everything.


Kyle Higgins

Los Angeles 2014


Unlike the other DC writer who left Teen Titans, Higgins' run was mired in constant change due to the never ending carousel wheel of events and crossovers that kept changing the book's status quo. Higgins made a valiant effort, but the massive changes always hurt the book.


As for the creative team replacing him? Well, that's as up in the air as the status of Dick Grayson himself, whose fate is uncertain coming out of the DC Event: Forever Evil. However, we must point out that DC did show us a new Nightwing not too long ago. Will this character inherit the book? We will keep you informed as more news comes out.


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