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More 'Batman vs. Superman' Gossip: Affleck's Injury, Lex Luthor's casting, Movie Delay, & More

Written by Jeremy Shane on Monday, January 20 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

More 'Batman vs. Superman' Gossip: Affleck's Injury, Lex Luthor's casting, Movie Delay, & More

We are doubling down on some Man of Steel 2 rumors, shaking up others and tossing out some new ones.

So, ComicBookMovie took a huge rumor dump on our chest for Man of Steel 2, Batman vs. Superman, or whatever Warner Bros. end up calling it.

Regarding the rumors of Joaquin Phoenix's possible casting for a villain role, they've doubled down on the story.  Pointing not only to their own source, but to Variety mentioning the rumor for the second time now.

Phoenix is "very close" to taking the role, and that the main villain is Lex Luthor.

Henry Cavill is, of course, returning to play Superman, but rumors have popped up from time to time regarding minor changes to his appearance for the next film.  The latest focuses on his hair.

The shorter 'do will resemble Superman's look in Alex Ross and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come, minus the grey hair... Oh, and that hairdo includes Superman's trademark "S" curl, which was absent in the first film.

On Ben Affleck's injury, they confirm that as well - though note that it's a minor one.  Anyone who watched the SAG awards last night saw Affleck present, and some poked fun at the rumor afterwards.  But if you watched carefully, you noticed he was moving gingerly, nothing obvious, but slower than you might expect.  When a random guy stormed the stage to grab the mic as the credits rolled, Affleck grinned and bared it as the guy hugged him, then he walked, single-step at the time, down the front steps.  So, where he obviously wasn't horribly injured, and hence not the reason for the ten month delay, you could tell he was sore.

Ben Affleck suffered a musculature injury. Supposedly the injury isn't too severe. He's expected to be back at full-health sometime in April. At the moment, he supposedly can't perform certain movements for the fight sequences, and a stunt double will be used. My source wanted me to stress, Affleck's injury is NOT the reason for the film's delay.

As for that 10-month delay for the release of Batman vs. Superman, they say there are multiple reasons, many of which they aren't sharing -- now that's just not nice.  Aside from the idea of shooting the movie back-to-back with Justice League being one reason, they also offer budgetary concerns.

There's a concern regarding Wonder Woman's home, Paradise Island (aka Themyscira). Executives are debating whether to feature the island, which would require massive VFX, or merely referencing it.

...shooting Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League back-to-back is being considered but no official decision has been made at this time. But, I was also contacted by another source, who requested anonymity, and he told me Justice League is a go, and will be released one year after Batman Vs. Superman.

A cliffhanger was mentioned during the story of the movie shooting back-to-back with Justice League, and according to their sources that is indeed the plan going forward.

WB realizes that Marvel films are famous for their mid- and post-credits scenes, and have no interest in copying from Marvel's playbook. WB's plan, is to end each of their films with a cliffhanger, setting up the next film in their cinematic universe. WB also wants to do short films for their lesser known characters. These short films would be played at the end of each film.

Unlike some rumors we come across, at least these make a bit of sense.  I can certainly see Warner Bros. wanting to find a differently approach to their DC hero films instead of copying what Marvel does.  I could see Joaquin Phoenix being cast as Luthor, whether or not I personally think that's a great call is another matter, but I can definitely see it happening and at least it's not a bad casting decision.  As for the delay, I doubt anyone doubts the reasons are multifaceted.  It seems like there is too much prep still underway for a movie that's was supposed to be out in just over a year. 



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