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The Top Five Artists Ironically Snubbed by the GLAAD Awards

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, January 31 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

The Top Five Artists Ironically Snubbed by the GLAAD Awards

The LBGT media monitoring organization nominates five comic books in its annual awards but only credits the writers.

Source: THR

Young Avengers artist Jaime McKelvie was excited earlier today to learn that his comic had been nominated in the Outstanding Comic Book category of the annual GLAAD Awards, but it wasn't long before superstar writer Jonathan Hickman, probably jealous because none of his books were nominated, rained all over McKelvie's parade:







From GLAAD's press release:


And so, in honor of GLAAD's lack of inclusiveness in naming the artists on their Outstanding Comic Book nominees, and in conjunction with Outhouse Top Five DayThe Outhouse presents:


The Top Five Artists Ironically Snubbed by the GLAAD Awards:


1. Fernando Ruiz and/or Pat Kennedy

It took us a while to figure out just who the artist is on Archie's Life With Archie, for which writer Paul Kupperberg received the only credit. However, we're pretty sure that Fernando Ruiz is the guy, since he has the most credits on the series after Kupperberg acording to ComicVine, and he was the regular artist during the time of the same sex marriage in the book in 2012, but it might also be Pat Kennedy, the current regular series penciller, getting the snub. However, despite Life With Archie's achievements in the portrayal of LBGT characters, Ruiz and Kennedy can just go fuck themselves, as far as GLAAD is concerned. "Go get your fucking shinebox, Fernando," GLAAD probably said while nominating only Kupperberg for the award.

"Or Pat," they probably added.

Cover by Norm Breyfogle

UPDATE: On Facebook, Outhouser Anthony Dean, an admitted Archie reader, gave us the skinny on Life With Archie:

Currently, Fernando Ruiz draws the "Veronica" half of "Life With Archie," while Pat and Tim Kennedy handle the "Betty" half. The adult Kevin Keller and his husband Clay have a recurring storyline in "Life With Archie," currently focusing on Kevin adjusting to life in Washington as a senator while Clay recovers from a shooting (plus probably more to do from plot hints dropped).


2. The Team of Ron Chan, Natalie Nourigat, M.S. Corley, Ben Dewey, and Tania del Rio

These are the artists credited on the 2013 hardcover edition of Husbands, the comic about gay newlyweds created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell and based on a sitcom of the same name. However, according to GLAAD's nominations, artists don't deserve the same rights as writers when it comes to enjoying the freedom to be nominated for an Outstanding Comic Book Award, though seeing how easy it is to locate the names of the writers of these comics based on a cursory Google search compared to how difficult it is to figure out who was responsible for the art even after a skillful application of Google-Fu and  a good twenty minutes of clicking around ComicVine, perhaps we're being too hard on GLAAD. Jane Espenson and Brad Bell are big Hollywood muckity mucks, so everyone knows they wrote Husbands, as evidenced by their larger and pinker font on the cover below, but Dark Horse's listing for the Husbands hardcover just kind of lumps the artists together as one singular entity called "artist."

Cover by Ron Chan... we think.


3. J.H. Williams III and Jeremy Huan

In case J.H. Williams is still sore over being driven off of Batwoman after DC refused to allow lesbian character Kate Kane marry her fiance and forced Williams and W. Haden Blackman to make last minute changes to the storyline, this new snub by GLAAD can make all that pain feel fresh again. Though Williams was nominated for his writing on the book, along with Blackman and the guy who took the book over after they left, Mark Andreyko, Williams art, which arguably was the biggest draw of the series, earned absolutely no mention by GLAAD's awards committee. That's a lot more than new series artist Jeremy Huan got, though. He wasn't mentioned at all.

Cover by J.H. Williams III


4. Jaime McKelvie

Jaimie McKelvie inspired this list with his somewhat depressing tweets about the subject, which have been sprinkled throughout this article. "Awwwww," we said to ourselves when we saw McKelvie sadly making statements like "well everyone knows artists don’t contribute anything to a comic." McKelvie is a superstar artist who has collaborated with writer Kieron Gillen for years, but it appears to be Gillen that's getting all the accolades for the portrayal of LGBT characters such as HulklingWiccan, and Prodigy in the pair's Young Avengers.

Cover by Bryan Lee O'Malley


5. Will Sliney

Genetically engineered super writer Cullen Bunn may have had a desert pastry named after him by The Outhouse, but Fearless Defenders artist Will Sliney is little more than chopped liver to GLAAD. Though the book was nominated for its portrayal of LGBT characters, only Bunn was credited for the book. Perhaps GLAAD thought that Sliney, like Valkyrie and Annabelle Riggs, simply shares a body with Bunn and they only needed to name one of them.

Cover by Mark Brooks


We hope you enjoyed the Top Five Artist Ironically Snubbed by the GLAAD Awardsbrought to you by Top Five Day on The Outhouse. And none of this even takes into account colorists, inkers, letterers, cover artists (and in the case of Fearless DefendersMark Brooks' covers were the best part of an already awesome series), or anyone else who contributes to the making of an outstanding comic book. Of course, that kind of thinking may be a little too progressive for an organization like GLAAD, but hopefully, sometime in the future, these inclusive, liberal ideas will just seem like common sense. I'm sure we can find a suitable analogy if we think about it hard enough.


On another note, Jonathan Hickman has some interesting ideas for how to make that happen:



In any case, The Outhouse congratulates the nominees, and, like Jamie McKelvie, we hope GLAAD realizes their mistake and does the right thing:


Final note: Though I put more research into this article than any other article I wrote today, I apologize if I got any of the credits wrong, particularly with the Archie books, which were difficult to track down. If you ever want to have the disparity of recognition for writers vs artists in comics illustrated clearly for you, try to write an article where you need to double check the art and cover credits for a bunch of them. You'll get the point pretty quickly.


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