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New Look Superman Not New/Old Enough for Residents of Metropolis

Written by Jeff Moss on Tuesday, February 04 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

New Look Superman Not New/Old Enough for Residents of Metropolis

Residents of the city aren't happy with the hero's new look.

Source: ThanosCopter Newswire

Citizens of Metropolis shocked the DC Universe today by rejecting Superman as their hero. The shocking news comes on the heels of rumors that young upstart John Romita Jr. and here-to-for unheard of writer Geoff Johns would be taking over the creative direction of the character.

"Look, I have nothing against those guys" said Metropolis resident Gary Winslow. "But here is an opportunity to do what's right and put Supes' underpants back on the outside and they are blowing it."

Leaked images show that this "New-Look" Superman is, in fact, virtually the same Superman we've all be looking at for the last 3 years. Granted, in the images provided we cannot see below Superman's waist, but that wasn't stopping prominent Metropoiltes (Metropoli? Metropoleans? Future Body Count Figures for the Next Man of Steel Movie?) weighed in on the controversy.

"He stinks and I don't like him," said recent Metropolis newcomer That One Guy From That One Scene In The First Spider-Man Movie

Local Metropolis scientist and recent Man of Steel cameo character Professor Emil Hamilton laid it out in pseudo-scientific terms. "You see, when something changes dramatically, people's natural instinct is to reject it," the professor said. "In the case of this "new" Superman, it's not surprising to see people reacting in the same way. After all, there's been such a drastic change here that it's gone all the way around to the point where the naked eye can't even really see the change. That's a deep cycle of change."

"Hey!" said the Outhouse's typical scientific expert Professor Thaddeus P. Puffinbottoms, professor emeritus of Recurring Gag Studies at the University of Phoenix. "This schlupp is stealing my bit!"

Three years ago, the population of Metropolis hesitantly accepted a Man of Steel that wore jeans and a t-shirt and then even more hesitantly a Superman who wore a Kryptonian suit. While an improvement on the Gap look, this new suit lacked one of the fundamental pieces that kept people looking to the skies for the Last Son of Krypton.

"There's no underpants on the outside" explained Hob's Bay waitress Ethel Cristenson. "How am I supposed to trust a superhero when I don't know where his underwear is? His pants just keep on going until they become his shirt, for Pete's sake! Pick a side, Superman! It's a deliberate stab at freedom and I'm pretty disappointed in the fact it doesn't look like they will be putting those boy shorts back on our boy."

Fellow Justice Leaguer Green Lantern (Hal Jordan, not the scary one) has offered to step in to fill the needs of the Citizens of Metropolis until this gets sorted out.

"Hey man, I can make anything I want with this ring. Underoos? No problem!" Green Lantern commented before remembering that it was Ladies Night at Warriors Bar and taking off into the night sky.

More on this story as it develops.  

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