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Superior Foes of Spider-Man to End by #15?

Written by Zechs on Friday, February 07 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Superior Foes of Spider-Man to End by #15?

A recently updated Amazon listing for the volume 2 trade now includes #15, along with artist Steve Lieber forecasting doom for the series unless sales pick up.

Some C-List villains just can't catch a break. 

The critical darling series the Superior Foes of Spider-Man is in trouble. A few days ago, someone noticed that the volume 2 trade listing was updated on Amazon and now includes up to #15 of the series. Not soon after, artist for the series Steve Lieber went on 4Chan to confirm the worst (the thread is long since dead, but his post was captioned):




Now, for those who don't think this is the "real" Lieber, the artist has had a history with 4Chan (the website actually HELPED his indy series that that he did with Jeff Parker called Underground), where Lieber has given insight on some of the jokes for the comic and even posted some sketches:



As for actual sales on the book? Well, after a large 61,413 start with #1, the series (as of #7) has sales of 20,858. So, with that said: don't wait for the trade to come out in March. BUY this book! #8 just came out this week. Go to your comic shop or Comixology and BUY IT! Go ahead.


Why do you need this comic on your pull?


This book is utterly hilarious. Those who miss Secret Six? Well here's the Marvel version of it, but with less violence (alas there's no shark-man punching or biting a bird or dinosaur or proudly singing: "I'm a shark!" repetitively) and darkness (sorry, no evil, contorting sisters who hide in trunks). Instead, its lead character, Boomerang, just wants to make it big, get the lady, and continue his obsession with the dread lord Dormammu. (Editor's Note: So maybe it's nothing like Secret Six?)




Besides its lead, the book does has a quirky cast of rogues who are looking for that big score and you can't help but root for. Did I mention the Shocker is part of it? You know the crazy man with the quilted costume? The villain whose probably in most Spider-Man fans favorite villains because he's the freaking Shocker! The villain who after fifty years still hasn't gone grimdark on us and still just wants to make money.  Aka the guy who just got owned hard by the head of Silvermane?



The comic also throws a bone to old Thunderbolts fans with Baron Zemo and the Fixer basically having a couples dispute and Luke Cage ripping the Thunderbolts insignia from Shocker's costume.  Add in the fact it showcases them having to deal with already mentioned Silvermane, Tombstone, Owl, #8's surprise guest star, and Chameleon. Given, Hawkeye has dealt lightly with the Marvel criminal underworld, but this book shines a big light on it from an insider's point of view. It even actually makes Tombstone seem like a decent father. Freaking Tombstone! A gangster who was never really known to having a caring side to him.


Oh and you can't have a Marvel Villain's book without Dr. Doom himself, whose most embarrassing moment is currently what the entire plot is centered on. Yes, more embarrassing than FF #16. Doom literally gets drunk and does something that he instantly regrets the next day.



This is a book that perfectly chooses its guest stars. It has 0 Wolverine appearances. 0. That's gotta be a record for a current Marvel ongoing book, to not have a single appearance from Wolverine in it. It has also had 0 mega-events tied to it. From #1-8 it's been one whole story that keeps the reader entertained.


So if you're wanting some non ultra-violent villainous fun, witty lines, hilarious comedy, feels, and villains you can't help but root for, please BUY THIS BOOK. You have seven issues to get this book  better sales. Don't make Lieber and series writer Nick Spencer have to steal puppies. They will do it. So please buy Superior Foes of Spider-Man.. or your puppies will get taken away.



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