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Toonami Announces 'The Intruder Part 2'

Written by Zechs on Saturday, February 08 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Toonami Announces 'The Intruder Part 2'

The first Toonami-centric story to feature Toonami's hosts is getting a sequel, and the amount of interest will extent the special.


In 2000 in it's third year on air, Toonami did something special by airing it's first original programing that focused on the block's hosts TOM and Sara. It was called "The Intruder" and ran for eight-episodes with the main result from the series was TOM from his original short bulky form to TOM 2.0 which was leaner and a slick black design.


Fourteen years later, and two later specials we'll be finally getting a sequel. Toonami announced on their tumblr that they're working on "The Intruder Part 2", but with a twist. During this weekend if you use the hashtag #intruder2 and if it trents it'll increase the ammount of content of the special which will air sometime in 2015. Here's the official release:



On September 8th, 2000, TOM encountered a creature that changed the face of Toonami. In 2015 (date tbd), TOM and Sara will face that creature again.

Toonami is happy to announce THE INTRUDER: PART 2! Why are we telling you about this so early? Simple! WE NEED YOUR HELP. This weekend, we need every Toonami faithful to Tweet, FB post, Instagram, etc  the hashtag, “#intruder2.” The level of interest you guys show will determine how BIG the story we get to tell is. This adventure is in YOUR HANDS. Let us know if you’re excited for THE INTRUDER: PART 2 by posting about it, talking about it, and making your excitement known to the world! TOM and Sara are about to have their greatest adventure yet… and we promise, Toonami will not be the same.


Love, The Toonami Crew.




We'll keep  you updated on this developing story.

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