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Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Wrap Up On Netflix

Written by GHERU on Thursday, February 13 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Wrap Up On Netflix

Star Wars goes boldly where everyone else has already been.

Source: 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Gets New Life On Netflix

Over the past couple of years my wife and I have purposefully stayed away from certain television shows for fear of becoming absorbed in the story / characters only to have the show get canceled before any kind of resolution. Why? One word: Firefly. So, awhile back when it was announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would end with season five and not wrap up all the loose ends, I was upset for the fans, but felt good for not investing any time into the show.

And then I watched modern cartoon aimed at toddlers and about stabbed my eyes out. So, with the blessing of the wife, I started watching Clone Wars around my son, so I wouldn’t have to watch Disney Jr, despite the fact I knew I’d be annoyed that the show was never going to have an ending. Oh, there were stories about continuing in the comics, YouTube episodes, and whatnot, but none of that would really count. But now, much like Scrubs and Babylon 5, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has found a new network for its final season; Netflix.


The last 13-episode season, called "The Lost Missions," will chronicle Ahsoka's departure from the Jedi order as the Jedi's battle with the Sith lords intensifies.

Cool. Here’s hoping its better than the final seasons of Scrubs and Babylon 5. Of course, that’s not that high of a bar.

For more details read this story. They seem excited that Yoda will be important in season 6.

What’s weirder is this:

The series, which takes place between two of the movie prequels — 2002's Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones and 2005's Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith — marks the first time any Star Wars content has been offered on Netflix.

Really? I guess I’ve been too busy plowing through all the Star Treks to notice that Star Wars was nowhere to be found. Who knew?

Oh, look, a video!



Author's Note: The Outhousers Writers room is, not surprisingly, full of geeks and dweebs with way too much Star Wars information readily available at their fingertips. Below are facts and links I was asked to include in the story that I don't have the energy to try and make work.

-Netflix will also have the "Director's Cut" episodes that were originally exclusive to Blu-Ray / DVD releases (per Zechs.)

-Something about bonus content going to Gernamy first (per Zechs.)

-Lil Formers (per SuperginraiX)

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