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Fanboy Rampage: Rich Johnston vs. Dan Slott

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, February 17 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Fanboy Rampage: Rich Johnston vs. Dan Slott

Slott took issue with Johnston's spoiling of Batman #28. Lots of passive aggressive arguing ensued.

Source: Deeply Buried Guilt Issues is Our Guess

Tempers flared on the Twitter tonight when Superior Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott took issue with Bleeding Cool mogul Rich Johnston's spoilage of Batman #28 in a "Twit Longer" post, which defeats the purpose of Twitter by allowing you to post a long ass diatribe like this:



Dear @richjohnston & @bleedingcool, please stop posting spoilers-- ESPECIALLY the last pages-- of books on the day they come out.

It is a terrible practice and it makes it harder and harder for storytellers to deliver ANY kind of surprises to the readers.

If you think ANYONE who worked on BATMAN #28 appreciated what you did last Wednesday, you're 100% wrong. Period. End stop.

There was absolutely NO need to post that full page scan of the end of their book-- before everyone in the U.S. market even had a CHANCE to go to a store and pick up a physical copy.

It doesn't matter how many spoiler warnings you put up on your site. You're disseminating that image to your readers-- who will then go out and spread it around the web. You know that.

It's just bad form. Please stop.

If you care about this industry, these characters, and the people who make these comics-- let storytellers do their job and TRY to deliver surprises once in a while DURING the stories they're telling.

I don't care if other sites get these images out. Or if there are other places on the web where people can find them first. WHO CARES? Your site gets traffic anyway. You don't need the extra clicks that badly.

Please show some restraint. Please exhibit courtesy towards both the people who make the comics and the readers who don't wish to see things spoiled ahead of time. At least please wait till the people who have 9-to-5 jobs have a chance to go to their comic shops after work, and read the issues themselves before you go spoiling any of the endings.



Johnston, who constantly monitors social media and Google for any disparaging messages about him, responded quickly in the form of eight billion skillion tweets (note: have javascript enabled so you can see the tweets Johnston is responding to, or else it will look like he is just yelling into the ether - admittedly amusing, but inaccurate):











Layers upon layers upon layers.






Uh oh... It's starting to get like the "Rich Johnston Has a Secret That Could Destroy the Comics Industry But He's Not Revealing It Because Journalism" story.







LOL. Throw them under the bus, Rich.



Oh snap.




It's your opinion that it's his opinion but in his opinion your opinion of his opinion is... wait, where were we?







We do appreciate Dan's frustration with spoilers, but is he aware that he works for Marvel, which, along with DC , spoils its own events in the mainstream press whenever they can get USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, or the Washington Post to pay attention to them? We've written about this extensively in the past:

...just to name a few. The conversation would touch on this point multiple times, so we thought we'd explain it. Anyway, it continued:




Heh. At this point, Rich was all riled up and taking on all comers like Jason Aaron in a Crisis of Infinite Wolverines porn parody gang bang scene.












We've reached the Jewish Mom benchmark of passive aggression now...











And then the tattletaling began...













And round and round we go...















Alright, you know what? We were wrong. Twit Longer is a good thing, and Rich should start using it. Know this: we did not embed every tweet. It was actually longer than that. Not to worry though, Rich and Dan are still friends:





So yeah, that happened, and if you think it's pretty sad, then think about how sad it is that I just spent forty-five minutes embedding all those tweets into this article. There are no winners here. Well, except, you readers.

Oh, and for the record, this is how you properly spoil Batman #28.


UPDATE: Bleeding Cool decided to rip off our ripping them off and publish their own Fanboy Rampage.  We were gonna be super mad, until we saw that they ended it with a tweet from Bald Reporter Jeremy Shane, so it's all good. I'd also like to note, on a personal level because a commenter here accused me of having it in for Bleeding Cool - it's my favorite site on the internet besides The Outhouse. We only hurt the ones we love, Walter.


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