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'WAKFU' Kickstarter Annihilates Expectations With $483,524 Raised!!

Written by Zechs on Friday, February 21 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

'WAKFU' Kickstarter Annihilates Expectations With 3,524 Raised!!

The French animated cartoon's Kickstarter campaign for an English dub easily met its original goal and THEN SOME. What does this mean?

Late last month, a Kickstarter for the French-animated show WAKFU began. The goal was $80,000 for the show's first season of twenty-six episodes to be dubbed. What happened next well, went beyond anyone's expectations, including the company that made the Kickstarter and the show: Ankam. 

Wednesday marked the end of the Kickstarter, with the startling final amount of $483,524, six-times over the original expectation. This means Seasons 1 and 2 of the series will be fully dubbed in English and released on Blu Ray. Not only that, but also: two OVAs, mini-episodes, two exclusive episodes for the series (one an entirely NEW episode having been funded via this Kickstarter), behind-the-scenes on the making of the series and of the new episode, the WAKFU manga will be translated and put on Comixology, and an interactive comic strip that details the origins of mortal enemy to all things fan-service: "THE SMUG DUCK".


It is quite amazing to see an animated series and its fanbase accomplish this kind of goal. This reporter has to applaud the fans who donated to this Kickstarter, and can only wonder what this means for the future of animation? If WAKFU can pull this off so spectacularly, does that mean other foreign animated shows can do the same? Who knows, but congratulations again to those who had made this Kickstarter successful. If there's any news of the show's impending release in the US (and also Canada) besides the Blu-Ray release, perhaps on television (Toonami?) or Netflix (or another streaming site), we'll keep you updated.


With that I leave you with probably the number one reason I'll probably watch this show - NOX:




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