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DC Still Not Interested in Booster Gold to Fans' Dismay

Written by Zechs on Saturday, March 08 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Still Not Interested in Booster Gold to Fans' Dismay

Writer Brian Keene demonstrated DC's lack of interest in promoting a new Booster Gold book when he revealed his rejected pitch for one.

Today on his website, novelist, comic creator, and man with poor taste in blog reading Brian Keene probably earned himself double-secret blacklisting from DC Comics when he posted his pitch for a New 52 Booster Gold series. Keene was one of the writers who was to be tapped for one of DC's weeky ongoing series Future's End this year before walking away due to deciding he wouldn't be "a good fit with the current editorial team." In a new blog post this week, Keene posted his pitch for a Booster Gold series, which DC passed on, probably due to the fact that Booster Gold isn't Batman.

As has been reported (by Bleeding Cool, The Outhouse, and others), I was to be one of the writers on DC Comics’ upcoming FUTURE’S END, but I ended my involvement with the project before scripting began. During that time, I was asked to pitch several other projects, including ANIMAL MAN, RAGMAN, VIGILANTE, and BOOSTER GOLD. What follows is my pitch for the latter. It should be noted that the only guidance I was given was, “We want Quantam Leap meets Doctor Who.” It was my impression (and only my impression) that editorial didn’t really have a vision of what to do with the character when they rebooted their line-wide continuity. This was the solution I offered, but it was ultimately rejected.

DC's refusal to publish a Booster Gold series despite fans' obvious love for the character is reminiscent of the situation in World Wrestling Entertainment's pro wrestling universe, where fans have been clamoring for the better part of a year for underdog wrestler Daniel Bryan to win the WWE Championship, but WWE continues to put the focus of the company on a small group of aging stars that have had more than their share of time in the limelight, such as Randy Orton, John Cena, Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Hulk Hogan.

For more on these similarities, we caught up with WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H:

Zechs: Mr. H, what do you think of DC Comics' snubbing of fan favorite character Booster Gold and the parallels to WWE's mistreatment of Daniel Bryan?

HHH: DC Comics has to do what's best for business.

Zechs: Is it best for business to ignore the wishes of fans?

HHH: Usually.

Zechs: … Why?

HHH: Just like wrestling fans, DC Comics fans are going to buy the books we put out no matter what's in them. Oh, sure, they may bitch about it online, or swear they're never buying another product from DC until they give Booster a solo series, or go to conventions and chant Booster's name at panels… but when they ship Forever Evil 2: Armageddon Foreverer Eviler Unleashed at the Zero Hour - a 52 Part Crossover with Chromium Plated 3D Lenticular Variant Covers, you can bet your ass fans are going to shell out $5.99 for every issue.

Zechs: That's… that's… god dammit.

HHH: Just like wrestling fans are all plunking down $10 a month for the rest of their lives for the WWE Network. So why should we push Daniel Bryan, and why should DC give Booster Gold a series?

Zechs: This interview is over.



So sorry, fans of Booster Gold. DC is going to continue to rely on proven stars like Batman and Superman, because fuck you, you're going to buy whatever they put out anyway. You'll have to satisfy your desires for a Booster Gold book by reading Keene's pitch, which sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. Read it here!


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