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Captain America 3 vs. Superman/Batman

Written by Jeremy Shane on Thursday, March 13 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Captain America 3 vs. Superman/Batman

Were you wondering what Marvel movie was going to go up against Superman/Batman? Wonder no more.

When DC bumped the date of the Man of Steel sequel to May 2016 it lined up head-to-head with an unannounced Marvel Phase Three movie.  Earlier this week Marvel said they are not backing down from the date and today The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Captain America 3 will be the one to face off against Superman and Batman.

There was some buzz earlier today that Batman vs Superman wasn't quite comfortable going head-to-head with Marvel and would be moving up their release date a week.  If true, perhaps they got wind of the movie Marvel would be releasing against them.  It would be one thing to go up against Dr. Strange or Black Panther, but with the build-up for Captain America 2 aiming at a $100+ million opening, and Joe and Anthony Russo already signed on to direct the third, Cap 3 may have quite a bit of steam coming out of Avengers 2.   With Robert Downey Jr.'s contract winding down, it looks like Chris Evans/Captain America may be lining up as Marvel's next solo movie star.

If Warner Bros./DC hold strong on the date, I'm sure there will be plenty of fans willing to do a double feature that weekend.  But realistically it will hurt the bottom line for both movies and chances are, one of them is going to move.  So who will blink first?


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