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You'll Come When You See the Mangos on This Red Hood and the Outlaws Cover

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, March 17 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

You'll Come When You See the Mangos on This Red Hood and the Outlaws Cover

Are you embarrassed by your hobby? You are now.

Source: DC Blog

Mainstream superhero comics have a reputation as being unfriendly to female readers and often shameful in their sexed up, objectified portrayal of female characters, a reputation any smart comic book publisher would want to correct, in the year 2014, since half of the potential audience of comics are women. It's with absolutely no thought remotely related to that in mind that DC Comics must have decided to release this cover for Red Hood and the Outlaws #32. Written by Scott Lobdell, a man well known for his commitment to advancing the cause of feminism, Red Hood and the Outlaws has set back gender relations by decades with its portrayal of female lead Starfire as a sex crazed fuck doll for the series male co-stars since the start of the Nu52. Despite criticism the comic has received for being generally abysmal with no redeeming qualities, it has somehow continued to be published, and DC is celebrating its longevity with this horrendous cover that will need to be transported in a brown paper bag if you plan on carrying it in public:

We're pretty sure this isn't even one of DC's Bombshell covers for the month of June. It's just the regular cover for the book with what appears to be Ed Benes' artwork. We would just like to point out that a single one of Starfire's boobs are bigger than both her head or one of her thighs. They certainly seem to have grown since this famous scene from Red Hood and the Outlaws #1:

Look, we're not puritans here at The Outhouse, and we support your right to jerk off to drawings of ladies if that's your thing. But it's just dumb for DC Comics, which has received criticism for its shitty appeal to the 12 year old boy inside each of their 40 year old man readers with this book in particular, to not only continue to publish it but to celebrate its embarrassing portrayal of female characters with a cover this awful.

So fuck it, reset the counter. Now let's see how the company ups the ante with its Bombshell variants, as the full solicits will be released later today.

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